Don’t Starve Console Commands And Cheats List (Updated)

Don’t Starve is an adventure game launched in 2013. It is developed by Klei Entertainment. The game is quite challenging and stimulates the players to think ahead and out of the box. Like every game, there are cheats developed for Don’t Starve as well.

Many of you will be in a misconception that additional software will be required to play this game with cheats enabled. However, this isn’t the case. All you have to do is enable the option of Console and later on in-game, you can use the console to type cheats and apply them. We always recommend not to download and install programs which claim to enable cheats on your game. Just follow the steps listed below.

  1. Click the Start button and in the dialogue box search for “Klei”.
  2. Click the folder that returns in the search results. Here you will find the games that are installed in your computer developed by Klei Entertainment. Click on the folder that says “Don’t Starve”.
  3. Once you open the folder, you will find a config file named “Settings”. Open it.

  1. Once you open the config file, it will open in notepad. It will consist of essential data that the game uses as a reference for its settings. Browse through the lines until you find the one which says “ENABLECONSOLE”.

  1. This line is used to enable console which you can use to type in cheats in-game. In order to enable it, make sure that the line looks something like this “ENABLECONSOLE = true”.

  1. Launch Don’t Starve using its launcher. Once you are in-game, press the “ ~ “ key. This is the default key set to bring up the console window. You can change this hotkey anytime through settings.

  1. Once the console is up, you can type any cheats and press Enter for it to apply. Such as typing “c_godmode()” enables god mode and increases your speed and makes you invulnerable.

  1. Below are a number of cheats you can use for different purposes.

All Schemata available


After you press enter and click any item in your inventory, you will be able to construct items without needing the actual materials at all. This is very helpful when you are too lazy to go and farm for ingredients/items.

Stopping hunger


After hitting Enter you will get maximum sanity in an instant. However, if you have already started to gain symptoms because of sanity, this cheat cannot work.

Maximum fitness level

Using this cheat, you will get your maximum HP replenished in an instant. Very useful after fights when you have lost much of your health.

Uncovering the entire map


After pressing Enter, you would have to access the console again and type


After executing this command, the entire map will be visible.

God Mode

There is another command available for God mode if the earlier one didn’t work. You have to type:


This should enable God mode and give you all the perks related. If you want to disable it, just type false in place of true like


Normal Sanity

Another command which can help you in recovering your sanity while playing Don’t Starve is the command listed as follows.


Change Damage Multiplier

You can also increase the damage multiplier of your character in-game by using the following command.

GetPlayer().components.combat.damagemultiplier = value

Resurrect a Player

In some cases, you can also choose to resurrect a player using the following command.

AllPlayers[number]:PushEvent ('respawnfromghost')

And you will be good to go. Happy gaming.


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