How to Use Spoiler Tags for Text and Uploads on Discord?

Discord’s spoiler tags enable users to conceal text, which is especially useful in communities where certain details might spoil the experience for some users. Whether you wish to hide just a segment or the full text, the following steps detail all the methods to add spoiler tags on Discord. These methods are largely consistent with those available on the Discord mobile app.

  1. Launch your Discord client by double-clicking its shortcut or using the Windows search feature.
    Note: Ensure you are logged into your Discord account.
  2. Choose a direct message or a text channel within a server. Click inside the typing area and compose your message. Enclose the message with double vertical bars “||” at the beginning and end as illustrated below.
    ||This is a test spoiler message||
    Adding vertical bars to a message
  3. To use a spoiler tag via command, type the following, then input your message. After typing “/spoiler,” either press the tab key or click on the suggested tag that appears.
    /spoiler This is a test spoiler message
    Using the spoiler tag command
  4. Alternatively, after typing your message in the text area, highlight the text to see additional options. Click on the Spoiler icon as depicted in the screenshot below.
    Note: This option may not be supported in the Discord mobile app.

    Selecting the Spoiler icon
  5. Once your message is formatted with the spoiler tag, simply send the message.

The feature to tag spoilers is also available for files uploaded to Discord. When uploading an image, video, or any other file, you can flag them as spoilers during the upload process. This feature is currently only offered on the desktop application and web version of Discord. Mobile users will need to follow alternative steps to tag spoilers, as outlined below:

  1. Access your Discord on the desktop by using the shortcut or through a browser.
    Note: If you’re not already logged in, please do so now.
  2. Navigate to the desired direct message or server channel where you want to send a file. Click on the Plus + icon next to the message box and select Upload a File.
    Clicking on the Upload a File option
  3. Browse and select the file you wish to send.
  4. Before uploading, tick the Mark as spoiler checkbox. Then, click on the Upload button to send the file as a spoiler.
    Selecting the Mark as spoiler option
  5. For mobile users lacking a direct spoiler option, open your gallery or file manager and rename the file by adding “SPOILER_” at the beginning of the file name and ensure it is in upper case.
    Renaming the file on a phone
  6. Follow the previous upload steps to send the renamed file on Discord; it will automatically be tagged as a spoiler.

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