SOLVED: dm-verity need to check verification failed drk first

The “dm-verity need to check verification failed” error message often appears on a Samsung device when a user attempts to make firmware changes and the operating system security deems it as unsafe. With added security to safeguard Samsung smartphone owners from modding their software, these kinds of issues are becoming more of a concern.

Essentially, your phone will be ‘soft-bricked’ when you receive this error. You won’t be able to use it at all and all normal functionality will cease. Follow the guide below to fix the issue on your Galaxy device.

Method 1: Fix The Issue Yourself

To fix the issue yourself you will need to download the official firmware for your particular device and then flash the firmware using ODIN. There are a few other steps that you will need to follow during the process too.

  1. Before you start, please download the following tool. This file must be extracted to an accessible folder with WinRar or 7Zip.
  2. Next, you’ll need to download the official firmware for your device
  3. Visit the Sammobile Firmware finder
  4. Enter your model number to find your firmware
  5. Make sure your model number is correct and then download the correct model for your country
  6. Click on the correct firmware
  7. Click the orange ‘Regular Download’ button on the next page
  8. You will need to register a free Sammobile account
  9. The download can take a while on the free account but it will download eventually
  10. A new TAR.MD5 file will have downloaded. The next step involves flashing the file via ODIN.
  11. For this step, visit this link and download the driver for your device
  12. Locate your ODIN download, right-click and click ‘Run as Administrator
  13. Ensure your device is off
  14. Take your device and hold down the Volume Down key, Home Key and Power Key
  15. When the device vibrates, let go of the Power key, but still hold down the Volume Down key and Home Key
  16. Once the screen turns on, press the Volume Up key to access download mode
  17. Next, connect your device to your PC via USB
  18. Your device should be recognized on the ODIN 3 softwareODIN-IMAGE-1
  19. Click the AP On some versions of ODIN it may be a PDA button instead
  20. A Windows Explorer window will open. Locate the MD5 firmware file you previously downloaded and click it
  21. After adding the tool click start to flash the file to your device this ensures your device stays connected and powered on during this process
  22. You will know the firmware flash will have finished when the white ‘Apps’ box in ODIN 3 gets replaced with a green ‘RESET’ or green ‘PASSED’ box
  23. You can now disconnect your device and restart itODIN-IMAGE-3
  24. Hopefully, your device should now return to normal operation. If this last step fails, you can troubleshoot these steps and then try the process again.
    Ensure you have downloaded the right driver for your device model
    Ensure you have downloaded the correct firmware
  25. If you still cannot fix your smartphone you may have to resort to method 2.

Method 2: Contact Samsung

Because of the complexity of this issue, contacting Samsung may be the only method to fix your device if the above method does not help. Find out how to contact Samsung here, or see if a nearby support center is available.


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