How to Fix Discord Camera Not Working Issue?

Your system/device’s camera might not work in Discord (standard and PTB) if the operating system (OS) is outdated. Moreover, corrupt camera drivers or a corrupt Discord installation may also cause the camera to malfunction.

Discord Camera Not Working

The issue arises when a user attempts to utilize the system/device camera in Discord, only to find that the camera does not function (occasionally displaying a black or green screen). Consequently, the other party sees only a black screen with an unending loading icon. This problem has been reported across all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.) and with various types of cameras (both built-in and external).

Before attempting the solutions to fix the Discord camera issue, restart your device/system to eliminate any temporary glitches. Additionally, verify that your camera functions properly in other applications (particularly the default camera application), and ensure the privacy settings on your device/system permit camera use in Discord.

Solution 1: Update the OS of Your System/Device to the Latest Build

Regular OS updates are released to introduce new features and address known bugs. If your system/device’s OS is outdated, it can cause incompatibility issues between the camera and the OS. Updating to the latest build might resolve the problem. We will focus on updating the OS on Windows; please follow the equivalent steps for your particular OS.

  1. Press Windows + R, type “update” in the dialog box, and open the Settings application related to updating.
  2. In the settings, click on Check for Updates.
    Check for Windows Updates
  3. Install the updates, then restart your computer and see if the camera issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Rearrange Your USB Devices (USB Camera Only)

A camera might not work if your USB ports are overloaded, as each USB port can handle only a limited number of endpoints. Overcrowding can result in errors (some users reported the “Not enough USB controller resources” message). Rearranging your USB devices might help.

  1. Exit Discord completely, ensuring no related processes are running in your system’s Task Manager.
  2. Disconnect all devices from the USB ports and restart your system.
  3. After restarting, connect only your camera to a USB port (preferably USB 3.0), then check if the issue is resolved. If the problem persists, test all other ports to determine if USB endpoints were causing the issue.
    Plugging the camera into a 3.0 USB port

Solution 3: Launch the Discord Application with Administrator Privileges

With newer versions of Windows, Microsoft has increased security features, including the requirement for administrative privileges to access protected resources (like the camera). Launching Discord with administrative privileges might resolve the issue.

  1. Type Discord in the Windows Search box near the Start button and look for Discord in the results.
  2. Right-click on Discord and select Run as Administrator.
    Run Discord as Administrator
  3. After launching Discord, check if the application functions properly.

Solution 4: Reinstall the Camera Driver

If the camera is improperly configured, outdated, or the driver is corrupt, it may not work in Discord. Updating or reinstalling the camera driver might help.

  1. Update your system drivers and Windows to the latest build.
  2. If Discord is still not operating correctly, exit the application and check the Task Manager to ensure no related processes are running.
  3. Disconnect your camera. Then, type This PC in the Windows Search box and in the results, right-click and select Manage.
    Open Manage of This PC
  4. Select Device Manager, then expand Imaging Devices. Right-click on your Camera and choose Uninstall Device.
    Uninstall the Camera Device from the Device Manager
  5. Tick the option to Delete the Driver Software for this Device and click Uninstall.
    Select Delete the Driver Software For This Device and Click on Uninstall
  6. Restart your system and install the latest camera driver from the OEM website.
  7. After connecting and configuring the camera, launch Discord to check if the issue is fixed.
  8. If the problem remains, download and install the Snap Camera application by Snapchat (or a similar app that creates a virtual camera driver) and test it with Discord to see if the problem is resolved.
    Download the Snap Camera Application

Solution 5: Change Your Default Camera

If Discord is unable to access your camera because it is set as the default device and may be used by another application, changing your default camera might help.

  1. Exit Discord and check that no related processes are active in your system’s Task Manager.
  2. Change your default camera to another one you don’t use through the settings.
  3. Relaunch Discord and check if it can access the camera properly.

Solution 6: Reinstall the Discord Application

A corrupt Discord application installation may cause camera issues. If so, reinstalling Discord could resolve the problem. Here’s how to reinstall it on a Windows PC.

  1. Close Discord fully and ensure none of its processes are running in Task Manager.
  2. Right-click on the Windows button and select Apps & Features.
    Open Apps & Features
  3. Select Discord and click on Uninstall.
    Uninstall Discord in Windows 10
  4. Follow the prompts to remove Discord, then restart your system.
  5. After restarting, use File Explorer to navigate to the following path:
    Running dialog: %appdata%
  6. Delete the Discord folder.
    Delete Discord Roaming Folder
  7. Navigate to the following path:
    Opening the LocalAppData folder
  8. Delete the Discord folder and restart your system once more.
  9. After restarting, reinstall the latest version of Discord.

If the problem continues, consider resetting your system/device to factory defaults or using Discord in a web browser until the issue is resolved.


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