Customer Gets Robbed Outside Apple Store, Loses $95,000 Worth of iPhones

An unidentified group of people ambushed a 27-year-old Apple client outside the company’s physical retail shop and managed to steal $95,000 worth of products.

The event happened inside Apple’s 24-hour New York flagship store, which is located on E. 58th Street, quite early in the morning, at 1:45 AM. He bought 300 iPhones from the shop, said Audacy, and then resells them through a little company he operates. The several iPhones were packed into three large bags, at which point a vehicle drew up next to the buyer and stopped him.

According to AppleInsider, two guys reportedly rushed out of their vehicle and yelled for the client to give up the bags right now. Since the persons who were meant to perpetrate the crime were said to be unarmed, it seems to sense that the customer’s first response would be to fight back against the theft. Even though the guy tried to struggle and hold his own, only around 125 of the 300 iPhones were recovered.

iPhone 14 Pro | Apple

There have been no updates on the police’s plans for this crime or the course of action the Apple customer will take, even though the transaction cost $95,000. Since Apple’s Fifth Avenue location is open 24/7, customers may make purchases there even at unusual hours. It’s possible that the reason for the early morning activity was to prevent the guy from transferring such a large value of goods in public view, which would make him a more attractive target for theft.

Even though the NYPD has said that they are looking into the matter, no particular information on the people involved or their vehicles has been made public. There could have been a few witnesses nearby who might have offered further information that was critical and could have led to an arrest.


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