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Fix: Charging Paused: Battery Temperature Too Low

As hard as it may be for the average Android user to believe, some Samsung Smartphones actually deny the user the ability to charge the device on account of the device’s battery being ‘too cold’. Samsung Smartphones almost always come with Li-ion batteries, and these batteries only deny a juice refill if their core temperature drops below 4°C. However, numerous Samsung Smartphones, in particular the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, have been noted to stop charging and display a message that says “Charging paused: Battery temperature too low” regardless of what the core temperature of their batteries is.

It would seem that the culprit behind Samsung Smartphones sometimes believing that the core temperature of their batteries is below 4°C even when they are in tropical areas is a faulty thermistor that reads the battery’s temperature as either too high or too low, causing the charging to be paused. Not being able to charge their Smartphone, a device that is an integral part of the average person’s everyday life, is definitely not something that a person can tolerate. Well, the following are the steps that a person can use to prevent their Android device from halting charging and displaying the “Charging paused: Battery temperature too low” error message:

charging paused

  1.  The thermistor is located in the USB charging board (shown in the image above) of most Android devices and almost all Samsung devices, and that is why the first step that a person needs to complete is buy a new USB charging board for their respective device.
  2. Carefully open the device up.
  3. Disconnect the device’s USB charging board.
  4. Put in place and connect the new USB charging board.
  5. Vigilantly put the device back together and boot it up.

If a person happens to have a valid warranty for their device, they should simply claim the warranty and send the device of to the manufacturer to be fixed. In the event that a person’s device does not have any warranty and they do not want to take the risk of opening their device up, a workaround that they can use is to purchase an extra battery kit and charge one battery externally while using the other one. One more viable workaround to the “Charging paused: Battery temperature too low” problem is charging the device while it is turned off, which seems to work on most devices that suffer from the issue but sacrifices device uptime.


  1. Thank you for the info, Kevin! I have a Galaxy Note 5 and this recently happened to me. I have read online that water damage may be a factor to this problem. A month prior to my phone displaying the “Charging Paused: Battery Temperature Too Low” message, I dropped my phone only slightly submerging the bottom of the phone where the charging port is and flickered off. I left my phone to dry for 3 days in rice and it worked fine after that…well until now. Should I still take your advice and replace the USB Charging Board?

  2. I had problem same to you. I just removed battery from the unit then 5″ put it back. power on back then click to reboot and wait. It was work to my smart phone, charge very good now. Nothing to fix and replace. Try to do on my way – Good Luck

  3. Great info.I just ran into this for the first time and I am going to change the charging port board and see if it does the trick.Ok this worked perfectly.Thanks for some very useful information

  4. I have same problem of battery temp is low, and my phone was not charging. I tried all the way then I went to shop to change my battery or to check other faults. repaired person has took out the battery, and there was just one spot on battery pin, he clean that spot with pin. then my lenovo mobile was working perfectly. So you can just tried this one also!!

  5. Did everything (changed the daughter board on my s4 …mine is still not working!!!! Is it possible that I need a new battery as well. Any advise THANK YOU!!

  6. Here are a few things that you can do:

    Open the cellphone and take out the sim card, sd card and mid frame. Just above the usb charge connector you will see two small gold contacts which would be your sensor. Clean those nicely and then reattach the frame. Make sure it is properly inserted and fitted. You might have to push it a little bit harder where the connections are to make sure they are connected. Once done, check if it works.

    If your cellphone was dropped in water or you are in a very humid place then make sure it is fully dry. Turn off the phone and open the casing and leave it in air or under sun for a little while. But, don’t leave it for too long under the sun. Make sure any droplets of water are dried. Once done, try to turn it on and check if the problem is solved.

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Fix: Charging Paused: Battery Temperature Too Low

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