Canadian Retailer Lists i9-14900K at $610, i7-14700K at $440 & i5-14600K at $330

PC-Canada has already listed Intel’s upcoming 14th-generation unlockable processors along with expected price tags. The unlocked lineup includes the i9-14900K, i7-14700K, and the i5-14600K.

It is noteworthy that the iGPU-less ‘KF’ lineup has also been listed alongside the K-Series. These CPUs are slightly cheaper than their brethren given the fact that they lack an integrated GPU.

Intel 14th Generation CPUs Listed at Canadian Retailer

Today’s leak sources from PC-Canada via momomo_us on Twitter who is at the front line when it comes to new SKUs and products. Matter of fact, one can visit PC-Canada and search for any upcoming 14th Gen SKU.

In any case, the CPUs tagged with the stock Intel logo are new entries representing the upcoming lineup. PC-Canada has put up some expected quotations, which probably are not final. Importantly, we have already seen a leak that suggests an up-to 15% hike in pricing. More on that here.

The i9-14900KF is priced at 833.99 CAD or $615, with its KF-cousin coming in at 795 CAD or $590. Moving over to the i7 family, the i7-14700K is listed for 597 CAD or $440. The i7-14700KF on the other hand should cost you 560 CAD or $410.

Last but not least, the mainstream i5-14600K and i5-14600KF come in at 453 CAD or $330 and 415 CAD or $300 respectively.

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13th GenPrice in USD14th GenPrice in USDIncrease
13th Gen vs 14th Gen Pricing

Since Raptor Lake Refresh does not pack any architectural upgrades, the difference(s) should be minimal. However, leaked benchmarks are turning the tide in favor of these new processors. It seems that Intel can still manage a ~10% gain from the same architecture and node. That is somewhat impressive considering that Alder Lake, the base design is now almost 2 years old.

Release Date

Intel will host an Innovation Event on the 19th this month where the giant is expected to launch its 14th Generation offerings. Alongside Raptor Lake Refresh, expect some details regarding Meteor Lake and future products. It is very much possible that Intel could go all out and unleash Meteor Lake, but that’s just a guess.

Source: PC-Canada


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