Intel Core i9-14900K 8% Faster Than i9-13900K in Leaked CPU-Z Single Core Test

Hardware leaker wxnod shared a CPU-Z test of Intel’s upcoming flagship, the i9-14900K where it beats its predecessor by 8%. It is noteworthy that we already know the specifications of all the 14th Generation K-series SKUs. More on that here.

Intel i9-14900K 8% Faster than i9-13900K

The upcoming Raptor Lake Refresh series will be built on the same architecture as Raptor Lake. There are no architectural enhancements, therefore most of the performance increments will be a result of faster clock speeds.

Today’s leak focuses on the Raptor Lake Refresh kingpin, hosting 24 cores and 32 threads. This is no different than its Raptor Lake counterpart, however, the TVB is rated at 6GHz, 200MHz more than the 13900K. Similarly, the E-Cores can also boost 100MHz higher, rated at 4.4GHz.

Since there are no changes in the core count, the i9-14900K features 32MB of L2 cache and 36MB of L3 cache. This amounts to 68MB of total cache, marginally lower than the 14900K’s Zen4 equivalent.

i9-14900K in CPU-Z | wxnod

Moving over to the actual benchmark, the i9-14900K is clocked at 6GHz with a core voltage of 1.385V. In CPU-Z, the i9-14900K manages to attain 978 points in the single core test and 18117.5 points in the multi-core test respectively.

i9-14900K Benchmark in CPU-Z | wxnod

To put that into perspective, the i9-14900K is 8% faster than the 13900K in the single-core category. Furthermore, we see a 5% lead in the multi-core segment which is decent given the chip’s circumstances.

A more accurate comparison can be made against the i9-13900KS thanks to its similar specifications. The i9-13900KS can score 945.5 points (single-core) and 17197 points (multi-core) in the same benchmark.

CPU-Z Test | Appuals via wxnod
  • 14900K vs 13900K | +8.4% (Single-Core) | +5.5% (Multi-Core)
  • 14900K vs 13900KS | +3.43% (Single-Core) | +5.35% (Multi-Core)

Release Date

Intel will host an Innovation Event on the 19th of September, where it is expected to make major announcements. Currently, we speculate that Intel will unveil the Raptor Lake Refresh series (K-SKUs) alongside Meteor Lake. It is equally likely that Meteor Lake’s launch date could be pushed back slightly and we may only see the 14th Generation.

Source: wxnod


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