Fix: Boot Configuration Error Code 0xc0000185

Windows errors are a common occurrence among the vast majority of its users and that is probably one of its greatest flaws when you compare it to the competition. One of the main reasons why people decide to try other operating systems such as Mac OS X is its simplicity and the rare occurrence of errors you encounter while using it. Of course, the simplicity comes with the price of having limited options when it comes to altering your computer and everyone has a different taste. Let’s have a look at the issue at hand.

Boot Configuration Data Error

The worst type of error is the one that won’t let you turn on your computer at all and that is what this error is all about. The error code is not unique to Windows 10 and it can appear on other Windows versions as well.

The error occurs during the booting process and it doesn’t allow you to start your Windows session at all. A BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) appears with the error code urging you to repair your PC by using the Windows installation media. Let’s see what you can do to fix this.

The error message

Solution 1: Official Response by Microsoft

Usually, these issues can be fixed by using the Windows 10 installation media which is a DVD or a USB flash drive which contains Windows 10 installation on it. It’s the same media you used to install Windows in the first place. If you updated to Windows 10 from an earlier version of Windows, learn how to create a Windows 10 installation media here.

  1. Insert the DVD or the USB you used as the Windows 10 installation media and reboot your computer. Follow any instructions which may appear on the screen.
  2. Choose the language you want to use and click “Next”.
  3. You should be able to see the option “Repair Your Computer”. Click on it and choose Windows 10 (or any other operating system you want to repair).
  4. Click on the “Command Prompt” option and use the following commands in it. Make sure your click Enter after you type in each one:

              bootrec /fixMBR

              bootrec /fixBoot

              bootrec /rebuildBCD

If you don’t own a Windows installation media and if you are in no position to create it using the

link we provided, follow the instructions below:

  1. Reboot your computer and click the F8 key repeatedly until the “Repair your computer” option shows up.
  2. Click on it and follow the same instructions from the step 3 of the solution above.

Note: If the F8 key doesn’t open the Windows Setup window, you may need to use a different key, such as F12. Consult with the manufacturer or research online on what button to use.

Solution 2: Faulty Equipment

It’s possible that this error is caused by a device connected to your computer or by one of the main components of your PC. This would prevent Windows from booting, especially if it’s one of the main components needed to boot.

  1. In order to check whether the issue is caused by your equipment, disconnect everything connected to your computer besides your mouse and keyboard. If the computer boots, one of your external devices is causing the issue.
  2. It’s quite possible that internal components such as your hard drive are faulty which prevents the computer from booting normally. A faulty HDD is usually the cause so make sure you take your computer for someone to take a look at it.

Solution 3: System Restore or Reset this PC

If none of the solutions from above seem to work out, your last resort would be to simply restore your system or even reset the PC. The System Restore option will remove all of your recently installed apps and programs, drivers, and updates which are generally the files that cause these issues. This option restores your PC to a previous state. The Reset this PC option prompts you with a choice to either keep or delete your personal files and then your Windows OS is reinstalled. The third option Restore factory settings is not available on all PCs.

  1. Load the DVD or the USB drive you use as Windows installation media and start your computer.
  2. Select Troubleshoot from the Choose an option screen and click on Advanced Options.
  3. Select either System Restore or Reset this PC.

Note: The Reset this PC option tends to be more helpful when dealing with errors like this one and we recommend it.

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Fix: Boot Configuration Error Code 0xc0000185

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