BOE Reveals Massive 110-Inch 16K Resolution Screen at DWC 23

Despite Samsung’s best efforts over the past three years, 8K TVs are unlikely to become widespread anytime soon. At least such massive displays make for impressive demos at trade shows, but for industry leaders like BOE, 8K is already obsolete. The Chinese display manufacturer has upgraded its offerings, showing off a 110-inch 16K display at the Display Week 2023 convention in Los Angeles.

During Display Week 2023, noted color grader and YouTuber Vincent Teoh tweeted praise for BOE’s 16K display. The official specifications boast that the 15360 x 8640 resolution is “beyond the retina.” Sure, you can’t really see the pixels even up close, as Teoh says, and 16K is actually 16x greater than 4K, not just 4X. However, the resolution of the human eye is considered to be 576 MP, making 16K (or about 132.7 MP) far lower.

Monitor Specifications

This is not the first 16K monitor, but it is the first to be 110 inches (2.79 m) in size and to feature a refresh rate of 60 hertz. In order to comply with energy rules, the maximum brightness of this LCD has been reduced to 400 nits, which is extremely dim for a screen of this size. For an LED-based LCD, specs like 1200:1 contrast ratio and 99% DCI-P3 are par for the course.

110-inch BOE 16K display | Vincent Teoh

The DisplayPort 2.1 standard used on AMD’s Radeon RX 7900 graphics cards supports 16K @ 60 Hz with 10-bit depth and HDR, but this needs Display Screen Compression, which is currently beyond the capabilities of consumer GPUs. If 8K becomes commonplace this decade, then perhaps 16K will be available in the 2030s.

BOE has not provided a date for the commercial launch of these panels. We will make sure to update anyone who are interested in following this story closely.


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