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The 5 Best Power Supplies for Cryptocurrency Mining – Tested and Ranked

Cryptocurrency has really established itself as a cornerstone of the modern internet in today’s world. As of the time of writing, Bitcoin has crossed over $60,000 in value and is on an upward trajectory going forward. This means that Cryptocurrency mining has become really popular in the current scenario. Mining requires a lot of computing power that is usually provided by multiple graphics cards that work in tandem. Extensive crypto-mining farms have been established that use the power of dozens and even hundreds of graphics cards at a time to maximize the profitability of mining Cryptocurrency.

However, graphics cards are not the only components that are necessary for a crypto-mining rig. Of course, you also have to provide lots of clean and stable power to those graphics cards, and that is where the power supply comes in. Since crypto-currency mining PCs and rigs have a lot of graphics cards in them, they often require really powerful power supply units that can handle multiple graphics cards operating at their maximum load capacity. For this list, we will be taking a look at power supplies that are designed to be used in desktop computer systems, and not the units that are purpose-built for mining rigs.

With that out of the way, here are the 5 best power supplies for Cryptocurrency mining in 2022.

1. Corsair AX1600i

The Best of the Best!


  • Lots of Wattage for Multiple GPUs
  • 80+ Titanium Efficiency
  • 10x 8-pin PCIe Connectors
  • Ten Year Warranty


  • Extremely Expensive

Wattage: 1600 Watts | 12V Rail: Single, 133.3A | Fan Size: 140mm | 80 PLUS: Titanium | PCIe Connectors: 10 x 8pin (6+2) | Warranty: 10 Years

Corsair is one of the most reliable PSU brands on the market right now. Most of Corsair’s PSUs are actually manufactured by Seasonic which is arguably the best OEM for power supplies right now. Nevertheless, Corsair’s PSUs are excellent due to their high-quality components, robust operation, and reliable lifetimes and the AX1600i is definitely no exception. The Corsair AX1600i is an extremely premium PSU that can handle just about anything you can throw at it.

The AX1600i has a total capacity of 1600 Watts which is ridiculous overkill for any normal gaming rig, but it might not be completely unreasonable for a mining machine. Ideally, power supplies should be operating at 50-60% load to deliver maximum efficiency according to the efficiency curve. Buying a powerful 1600 Watt power supply would ensure that even with multiple graphics cards under load, your power supply would be operating at its peak efficiency most of the time, and that can really maximize your profits by lowering power wastage.

Another strong point of the Corsair AX1600i is its 80+ Titanium efficiency rating which is the highest efficiency rating given to consumer power supplies. This means that the AX1600i is one of the most efficient power supplies on the market while having one of the highest capacities as well. Corsair has positioned the AX1600i to be a no-compromise solution for gamers and professionals who need a robust, premium power supply for their power-hungry components, and that works out in the favor of Cryptocurrency miners as well.

In addition to having 1600 watts of capacity and an 80+ Titanium rating, the Corsair AX1600i can provide up to 133.3A of current on its 12V rail which is more than enough for multiple graphics cards working in tandem. In fact, the AX1600i can handle around 6-8 units of AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics cards quite easily by using only a single unit and that is a truly remarkable feat of engineering. Of course, this is helped further by the inclusion of ten 8-pin PCIe connectors that can deliver all that power to the graphics cards of choice.

While it is true that the AX1600i is one of the most powerful consumer desktop power supplies on the market, it does have a major drawback and that is the price. Even the remarkable 10-year warranty cannot distract you from the truly astronomical price of this unit. However, for those of you who are looking for the best of the best, the AX1600i is definitely the power supply to buy for your mining rig.

2. Corsair HX1200i

Another Robust High Wattage PSU


  • Can Handle Multiple Graphics Cards
  • 80+ Platinum Efficiency
  • 8 PCIe Connectors
  • Relatively More Affordable


  • Relatively Older

Wattage: 1200 Watts | 12V Rail: Single, 88A | Fan Size: 140mm | 80 PLUS: Platinum | PCIe Connectors: 8 x 8pin (6+2) | Warranty: 10 Years

The Corsair HX1200i is another one of Corsair’s premium high-wattage power supplies but this unit comes from the slightly older HX lineup. However, that does not mean that the HX1200i is not a worthy competitor in today’s market. In fact, the HX1200i is still one of the most premium power supplies in the consumer desktop space in 2022, and one can safely assume that it will continue to be for quite some time.

Compared to our top pick, the AX1600i, the HX1200i drops the total capacity of the unit to 1200 watts instead of the 1600 watts of the former. 1200 watts is still more than enough more multiple graphics cards working together in a reasonably powerful crypto-mining rig. The 1200 watt peak capacity of the HX1200i still allows it to operate in the peak efficiency window of 50-60% when several attached graphics cards are operating under load.

The HX1200i also drops down a bit to the 80+ Platinum category, although calling that a downgrade would be a bit of an exaggeration. The 80+ Platinum efficiency is only awarded to extremely premium PSUs that deliver exceptional efficiency numbers under a variety of load scenarios. It might not be as efficient as an 80+ Titanium PSU, but it is as close as one can get to 100% efficiency without completely breaking the bank.

The single 12V rail of the HX1200i is capable of carrying 88A of current which is ample for multiple crypto-mining graphics cards working in tandem. The HX1200i can deliver this power to those graphics cards through its 8 available 8-pin PCIe connectors. All these features make the HX1200i finely equipped to handle many graphics cards simultaneously, and thus make it perfectly suited to a crypto-mining rig.

All in all, the HX1200i is one of the most premium high-wattage power supplies currently available, and it is one that makes quite a bit of sense if you are looking to establish a small crypto-mining rig. It is not as over-the-top as the AX1600i but it can deliver essentially the same features at a much more reasonable price. The only downside is its relative age, which should not pose a problem unless you opt for the used market.

3. Seasonic Focus Plus 1000 Gold

A More Reasonable Choice


  • 1000W Capacity for Multiple Cards
  • Relatively More Affordable
  • Compact Design


  • Slightly Lower 12V Current Rating
  • Only 80+ Gold Efficiency

Wattage: 1000 Watts | 12V Rail: Single, 83A | Fan Size: 120mm | 80 PLUS: Gold | PCIe Connectors: 6x 8pin (6+2) | Warranty: 10 Years

Seasonic is one of the finest power supply brands on the market and they serve as an OEM for many other PSU brands as well, such as Corsair. The premium units from Seasonic use extremely high-quality components that allow them to perform reliably over a long period of time, and the Focus Plus 1000 Gold is no exception. The Seasonic Focus Plus 1000 Gold is one of the more reasonable all-round choices in our list due to its competitive price tag and high-quality components and features.

The Focus Plus 1000 Gold is has a maximum wattage of 1000 watts which is enough for 2 or 3 cards working together in a mining rig. This PSU is best suited to mid-range or older cards that have lower TDPs as compared to modern cards such as the RTX 3000 series. The PSU should be able to handle 2 to 3 RX 480 or RX 580 graphics cards at once, and that can deliver decent crypto-mining performance without completely breaking the bank.

The efficiency rating is also a bit lower than the Corsair units mentioned before, but 80+ Gold efficiency is certainly nothing to scoff at. The 80+ Gold standard certainly puts this unit into the high-end premium category, and also makes it a bit more affordable than the Platinum and Titanium units. The Seasonic Focus Plus 1000 Gold makes compromises in the right places and bumping down the efficiency to 80+ Gold is one of those places that makes the most sense.

The PSU can deliver up to 83A of current on its single 12V rail and that is unexceptional if we compare it to other PSUs in the same category. However, this should certainly be enough for 2-3 midrange cards working in tandem in a small mining operation, and that is exactly what this PSU is best suited for. The Focus Plus provides six 8-pin PCIe connectors to provide this power to those cards, and it is backed by a 10-year warranty as well.

While it may not be the highest-end PSU by numbers and specs, the Seasonic Focus Plus 1000 Gold is one of the most reasonable choices for a mining PSU right now. It has enough wattage to handle a small mining operation, and is reasonably efficient as well while costing quite a bit less than the more premium options. The only reason to get the more expensive units would be if you are looking to establish a slightly bigger mining operation with more graphics cards.

4. EVGA SuperNova 1000G+

Solid EVGA Option


  • Enough Wattage for Multiple GPUs
  • Comparitively More Affordable
  • Large 135mm Fan


  • Lower 80+ Gold Efficiency
  • Relatively Lower 12V Current Rating

Wattage: 1000 Watts | 12V Rail: Single, 83.3A | Fan Size: 135mm | 80 PLUS: Gold | PCIe Connectors: 6 x 8pin (6+2) | Warranty: 10 Years

EVGA is another brand that is known for producing some high-quality, reliable power supplies. Their offerings range from ultra-budget units all the way up to extremely premium units that can handle multiple graphics cards at once. The EVGA SuperNova 1000G+ falls into the latter category as it is also one of the best PSUs that EVGA currently has for sale.

Just like the aforementioned Seasonic Focus Plus Gold, the EVGA SuperNova is a 1000 watt unit which is plenty of wattage for 2-3 graphics cards of reasonable power draw. This can be ideal for those of you who are looking to establish a small mining rig with a few cards that you might already have. Moreover, the PSU can also handle some modern cards like the RX 6000 series and the RTX 3000 series, provided that you only plan to use 2 of them in one machine.

EVGA has gone with an 80+ Gold efficiency rating which is also really solid for a PSU of this quality. Of course, it is not as efficient as some of the Platinum or Titanium-rated units out there, but 80+ Gold can certainly get the job done nicely. This PSU delivers up to 83.3A of current on its single 12V rail, which is good enough for a small mining configuration with 2-3 graphics cards of reasonable power draw. EVGA has provided six 8-pin PCIe connectors to deliver that power to the graphics cards of choice.

Backed by a ten-year warranty, the EVGA SuperNova 1000G+ is certainly a solid power supply for a Cryptocurrency mining rig in 2022. The unit is comparatively more affordable than the ones with higher efficiencies and higher wattages, but it does not compromise on the quality and the reliability of internal components. Along with the Seasonic Focus Plus, the SuperNova 1000+ is the most reasonable option for a crypto-mining PSU that offers a good price-to-performance ratio without breaking the bank.

5. Corsair RM850x

Great Value for Light Mining


  • Lots of PCIe Connectors for an 850W PSU
  • Much More Affordable


  • Lower 850W Wattage
  • Only 70A 12V Current Rating
  • Better Suited for Light Mining

Wattage: 850 Watts | 12V Rail: Single, 70.8A | Fan Size: 135mm | 80 PLUS: Gold | PCIe Connectors: 6 x 8pin (6+2) | Warranty: 10 Years

The Corsair RM850x is one of the most popular consumer desktop power supplies on the market. This PSU belongs to the highest class of desktop power supplies and has certainly become a fan favorite among PC building enthusiasts. The RM 850x is the most popular variant of the RMx series from Corsair due to the excellent quality of its internal components and top-notch reliability.

While the RM 850x might be a solid unit for consumer desktop gaming PCs, the same cannot be said easily for mining rigs that have multiple graphics cards. In fact, the RM 850x should not be bought if you want to run 4-5 graphics cards in a moderate mining operation. This PSU is ideal for those who already have a gaming PC with this incredible unit inside, and they want to take advantage of their machine for some mining on the side. This PSU can handle a modern, fairly powerful graphics card quite easily, or you can take advantage of two graphics cards with lower power consumption for a similar experience.

The reason for this exclusive case is that the RM 850x is aimed at gaming PCs and not at mining rigs. It only has 850 Watts of total capacity, which is barely enough for one RTX 3000 series graphics card. Alternatively, you can use two older graphics cards that are less powerful, but that is the extent of the capabilities of this PSU. It is rated 80+ Gold, however, and that is certainly a nice touch. Corsair has also provided six 8-pin PCIe connectors with the RM 850x, and it is backed by a 10-year warranty as well.

The Corsair RM 850x is not a unit you should buy specifically for a mining rig. This is a very high-quality that is preferred by many high-end gaming PC builders, so it is already a common PSU among enthusiasts. If you already have this PSU in your gaming rig and want to do some light crypto-mining on the side with one or two graphics cards, then the reliability and durability of the RM 850x will not let you down.


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