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Best Indoor Helicopters: For the RC Toys Fanatics

RC helicopter flying is a hobby that for a long time was reserved for the elite mainly due to its expensive nature and the technicality involved in flying a remote-controlled copter. However, over the recent years, budget helicopters have been produced in masses, and any interested person can take up this exhilarating hobby. Also, in case you are not too sure about what to get your kid or nephew for their next birthday then the RC helicopter may just be it.

Who knows, perhaps it is the little nudge they need to realize their passion for flying. For a beginner, I recommend the coaxial helicopters. These are much easier to master and will ease your transition into more advanced helis. Unfortunately, if you make the wrong buying choice, you may end with a complex copter that you are unable to fly or a cheap heli that crashes and breaks in the first week. And trust me you will crash severally. And we don’t want you giving up on the hobby before you even begin to enjoy it now, do we? In this review, we will be giving you the 5 best RC helicopters that you can comfortably fly inside your house without getting disappointed.

Best Indoor Helicopters: Our Recommendations In 2022

1. Syma S107/S107G RC Helicopter

Great For Beginners


  • Easy to master
  • Will appeal to all ages
  • More charging options
  • Great build
  • Really affordable


  • Too light for outside use

7,337 Reviews

Type: Coaxial | Battery Life: 6-8 minutes | Charging Time: 50-60 minutes | Number of Channels: 3

The Syma S107 is arguably the most successful line of RC helicopters designed for indoor use. The upgraded gyro system gives you more precise control over the heli which is perfect for beginners. The incorporation of metal frames in its construction is a wise decision that makes the S107 even more durable. Especially considering that crashing the heli is inevitable.

The infrared remote control is just the right size and will fit comfortably even in a kid’s arms. It features three channels that enable you to accelerate the copter forward and backward, lift it up and down and fly it left and right. The controller also features two frequencies which allow you to operate two RC helicopters simultaneously. The S107 is equipped with a Lipoly battery that gives you about 6-8 minutes of flying minutes and takes 50-60 minutes to be fully charged.

The small stature of this copter is great for increased speed and agility, but it also limits its use strictly to indoors. The good news is that you can fly it even in the dark thanks to the colourful flashing lights it spots. The S107 comes already assembled and ready to fly.

2. WLtoys V912 Single Blade RC Helicopter

Durable Design


  • Very durable
  • Speedy flying
  • Ready to fly out of the box
  • Spare parts are easily accessible


  • Reported cases of motor burning out

Type: Fixed-pitch | Battery Life: 8 minutes | Charging Time: 60 minutes | Number of Channels: 4

The WL V912 is a single-bladed RC helicopter which makes it more similar to the real helicopter than the double-bladed coaxial helicopters. What’s more, this heli sounds and manoeuvres like the real deal. This is largely because it uses a four-channel transmitter that gives you more control over your copter. It allows you to lift your helicopter up/down, move it forward/backwards, turn left/right and now with the fourth channel you can fly sideways.

The copter takes an hour to be fully charged which gives you about 8 minutes of fly time. The controller can transmit through a distance of 150 meters after which you lose control of your bird. The V912 is bigger than most of the others in the review which easily justifies the higher pricing. The manufacturers have also taken the initiative to include the controller batteries and extra spare parts in the package.

Something else you will like about this heli is that most of its parts are removable. This allows you to customize the copter and fit even better materials. The V912 may not be as easy to control as the Syma S107, but it’s still a good option for a beginner. I would recommend using an 80% sensitivity on the remote control. Speaking of which, the V912 controller is another of its strong points. It feels professional like and gives you the feeling that this bird is worth every penny.

I should also point out that some users have had cases of the motor burning out after a few days of use. For this reason, I recommend giving the heli some few minutes to cool off during flying. Pros – Durable, Flies fast, Comes already assembled, Spare parts are readily available

3. Syma S109G RC Helicopter

Military Theme


  • Unique build
  • Offers better control
  • Easy to master
  • Takes a short time to charge
  • Comes with extra spare parts


  • A bit slow

3,227 Reviews

Type: Coaxial | Battery Life: 8 minutes | Charging Time: 30 minutes | Number of Channels: 3

If you are seeking something unconventional, then I recommend the S109G. It is based on the American AH-64 Apache combat helicopter, and I have to say, the level of resemblance is impressive. It’s a bit slow with the forward and reverse movements compared to the others, but this also makes it easier to control.

The S109 COMES WITH A lithium polymer battery that runs for about 8 minutes when fully charged. And the best part is that it only takes 30 minutes to charge it. That is considerably less compared to most of the others that take up to one hour. Charging options available include directly from AC outlet, using USB compatible devices like a laptop or directly using the controller.

The charge cable is included in the package together with spare rear props. The manufacturers do not include spare main rotors but you can easily find the replacements online, and they are relatively inexpensive.

4. WL V911 Single Propeller RC Helicopter

With LCD Control


  • Can be flown outdoor
  • Control has LCD
  • Comes with extra batteries
  • Does not take long to charge


  • Steep learning curve

Type: Fixed Pitch | Battery Life: 5 minutes | Charging Time: 30 minutes | Number of Channels: 4

The V911 is another great single blade RC helicopter I recommend. And in case you are feeling adventurous, you get to take it outside for a spin. It can handle it provided the wind grade does not exceed 4. The 2.4GHz radio frequency ensures that you smoothly operate the heli outside without interference.

The controller features an LCD for easier and more precise controlling and has a transmission range of 100 meters long and 50 meters high. The V911 takes only 30 minutes charge but unfortunately, it will only for 5 minutes. I know that it is just 3 minutes less than others in the review, but it’s still too short. However, as a way to compensate, WL includes an extra pair of batteries.

This copter is controlled through 4 channels that are divided into two for every stick. The left stick is responsible for lifting the copter up/down and turning left/right. The right stick, on the other hand, accelerates the heli forward/backward and allows you to fly sideways.

If you already own or have operated a coaxial RC helicopter, then you will have no problem transitioning into this copter since you already have the basics. However, If you have no prior experience it will be harder but you. Don’t worry though with a few days of practice you will be flying like a pro. Also, if your goal is to own a collective pitch RC helicopter, then the V911 will be a great stepping stone.

5. E-flite Blade mCX2 RTF

High-Performance Helicopter


  • Fully assembled by the manufacturer
  • User-controlled swash settings
  • Uses radio frequency


  • Steep price

Type: Coaxial | Battery Life: 6-8 minutes | Charging Time: 50-60 minutes | Number of Channels: 4

The Mcx2 is the improved version of the mCX. It comes fully assembled from the factory and is ready to be flown immediately after unpacking. One of the improved features from the Mcx is the use of precision swashplates with user-selectable control settings. The body is also sleeker and has flashing LED lights that are useful in flying at night.

The copter’s receiver is compatible with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 which allows you to assume better control of the heli and with minimum interference. Even better is the fact that it uses radio waves as opposed to infrared. Also, it is further equipped with main motor ESCs (Electronic Speed Controls), mixer, gyro, and fully-proportional servos which together complete a 5 in 1 control system.

Something else you will like is the easy availability of full-line replacement parts at affordable prices online. It also boasts of more powerful dual micro coreless motors and a higher capacity battery pack. The controller has four channels which as you have already gathered affords the user more control over the heli.


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