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Best Custom Sleeved Cables For Your Gaming PCs: Cable Manage With Ease

In the long run, a clean and organized PC setup helps a lot. Managing all of the inner components becomes much easier this way. It also helps that it ends up looking much better than before. Other than that, it allows you to easily access everything easily. You can also swap parts out and replace them as need be. If you’re someone who has to perform frequent troubleshooting, this helps out a lot. Especially if you upgrade or replace parts a lot. Getting tangled up in all those cables can get very frustrating very quickly.

You’ll often hear the words cable management being thrown out a lot. The concept is simple, you should manage your cables in such a way that they look clean and minimal. To help with this, extension cable kits are quite important. You can also get them in different colorways to match the theme of your PC. Other than the obvious benefits, it allows you to add some visual flair to the setup.

To help showcase your PC components, we’ve gone through the best custom sleeved cables in the market. These custom sleeved cables will help to manage the wires sticking out from your PC. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself after you see how clean your build looks. So, without any further ado, here are the best custom sleeved cables in the market for you to choose from for your PC.

#PreviewProduct NameAwardDetails
1CableMod Pro ModMesh C-Series Cable KitBest Overall
Check Price
2Antec Power Supply Sleeved Cable KitTried and True
Check Price
3EZDIY-FAB Sleeved Cable ExtensionsSoft Sleeved Cables
Check Price
4Asiahorse Customization Mod Sleeve Cable KitFunction Over Form
Check Price
5Coocat Custom Sleeved CablesEntry-Level Cables
Check Price
Product NameCableMod Pro ModMesh C-Series Cable Kit
AwardBest Overall
Check Price
Product NameAntec Power Supply Sleeved Cable Kit
AwardTried and True
Check Price
Product NameEZDIY-FAB Sleeved Cable Extensions
AwardSoft Sleeved Cables
Check Price
Product NameAsiahorse Customization Mod Sleeve Cable Kit
AwardFunction Over Form
Check Price
Product NameCoocat Custom Sleeved Cables
AwardEntry-Level Cables
Check Price

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1. CableMod Pro ModMesh C-Series Cable Kit

Best Overall


  • Lots of color options
  • Includes everything you need
  • High quality sleeving
  • Lots of color options


  • A bit expensive

Gauge Size: 18AWG | Included Cable Combs: Yes | Colors: Light Blue, Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Blood Red, Carbon

CableMod has been the leveling bar for other companies when it comes to cable management. The gold standard of offering the most premium cable kits to organize your setup. It’s clear to us they come out on top in deluxe cable kits in terms of clear cut modern designs. These cable kits from CableMod come with quality build material and highly praised visual aesthetics.

To tell you why CableMod is a cut above from the rest of its competition is that these kits are stacked with unique features. To start with CableMod offers the option to replace all of the existing wires in your setup. In place of these wires, CableMod offers its unique cables to connect to your PC. Rather than just handing out the usual cable extensions, CableMod takes the route to turn the setup into something more premium.

The material of these unique cables is much softer, smoother, and thinner to manage easily than traditional cables. CableMod has branded these cable kits as “ModFlex Sleeving” as another feature they provide. These smooth cables are much more flexible and bendable than the usual run of the mill cables. These CableMod cables and can easily fit into a cramped spaced setup. They also provide another alternative to these smoother cables. They have a line of stiffer and rigid cables trademarked “ModMesh”. 

These unique cables also arrive in a wide range of vibrant colors. So, with these color schemes, you can color-coordinate your cables to match the aesthetic of your PC setup as well.

But a key thing to note about all of CableMod cable kits is that they put a crazy price point on their premium cables. This price is so expensive it can scare quite a few off from purchasing these. But if you want nothing but the best for your setup, we recommend you invest in these cable kits.

2. Antec Power Supply Sleeved Cable Kit

Tried and True


  • Includes lots of cable combs
  • Great overall quality
  • Three year warranty
  • Decent number of color options


  • Can feel stiff to some

Gauge Size: 16AWG | Included Cable Combs: Yes | Colors: White, Black, Black/Gray

Antec is a great starting place for someone who has never used a cable kit in their setup before. One of the most top-rated cable kit manufacturers, next to CableMod. Antec is the most promising and reliable cable kit provider to have come out in recent memory. They give high priority to the quality of these cable kits to provide an incredible product.

These Antec cable kits are made from specially designed PET sleeves, with the option to choose between 300mm or either 500mm length. The solid 16AWG cables are also suitable in most setups. Although, Antec cables might be stiffer than most and less bendable. 

Antec also offers a prestigious three-year warranty to back up their product’s reliability. So, rest assured you can invest in these cable kits without worry.

As far as the visual aesthetic of these kits is concerned, Antec offers a generous amount of color options to choose from, fitting in nicely in an RGB setup. With all these things said, Antec cable kits are the most compatible and reliable cable kits one could purchase with a guarantee of great quality.

3. EZDIY-FAB Sleeved Cable Extensions

Soft Sleeved Cables


  • Affordable Price
  • Very soft design
  • Thick and sturdy


  • A bit hard to manage
  • Reserved color options

951 Reviews

Gauge Size: 16AWG | Included Cable Combs: Yes | Colors: Black, Black/Gray, Black/White, Green, White

This company might be somewhat new to the scene of cable kit manufactures but don’t let that fool you even a bit. They don’t play around when it comes to the quality of these cables. The highly unique design of these cables landed them a swift spot on this list.

The highly smooth design of each of their new individual cables is no joke. Also, these cables are heat shrink-free which means they are relatively flexible and maneuverable. These cables also offer high-quality assembly and durable material. Apart from that, cables are easily manageable and work perfectly even in smaller cases.

Although these cables are thick, it could be a hassle to manage for some people. So, make sure you pick the right sleeve case to manage them. In regards to the colors these cables provide, it only has two sleek colors, black and white. These could go well with some setups but won’t be as pleasing with RGB setups. But, with the affordable price these cables offer, you can purchase them without much worry.

4. Asiahorse Customization Mod Sleeve Cable Kit

Function Over Form


  • Relatively cheap
  • Decent build quality
  • Easy to manage


  • Limited color options
  • Disappointing customer support

Gauge Size: 18AWG | Included Cable Combs: Yes | Colors: Black, Blue, White, Ice Blue, Red

This particular entry on our list offers a good amount of value at a relatively low price. While these cable kits don’t excel in any particular area, they nail down the fundamentals quite well. Rest assured, these cables can get the job done just fine. The build quality of these cable kits are just fine, nothing too fantastic.

Although Asiahorse is lacking a bit in the customization department, that isn’t surprising from a relatively affordable product. Their main focus was never meant to be the aesthetics of their products, with a clear-cut no-thrills design. They also have a limited number of color options in these kits.

The main priority of these cables is supposed to be their functionality. Thankfully, Asiahorse does deliver on this front While they might not be the flashiest product on the market, but they work well with their extremely durable and huge 18AWG cables. 

These cable kits strike a considerably decent balance in flexibility, build quality, and of course, price point.

5. Coocat Custom Sleeved Cables

Entry-Level Cables


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Decent materials
  • Unobtrusive design


  • Lack of colors
  • Uncertain long term durability

Gauge Size: 18AWG | Included Cable Combs: Yes | Colors: White

The last entry on our list is the cheapest and budget-friendly of all the picks here. If you want an entry-level custom sleeved cable that can get the job done, this one is the pick for you. They are still relatively unknown on the scene for cable management but made a quality budget-oriented product.

The average build material with thinner cables is sure to be compatible with your PC. These cables are manageable, and they can get the job done. With that said these cables will feel a bit weaker to some people, which is most likely due to the use of almost sub-par materials.

They only arrive in one color option of white/black, with no other special designs for the cables. But the white color should be fine and nothing concerning if you have an opaque setup.

All in all, if you want proper cable management without breaking the bank, these should be just fine for you. But, if you’re only indifferent about the visual aesthetics we recommend you invest somewhere else.


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