The Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a flagship released in 2013. That makes it a 4-year-old device, and you may think that it is not worth having. But Galaxy Note 3, even from today’s perspective has great hardware with a fast processor and 3GB of RAM. That makes Galaxy Note 3 capable of running even the latest versions of Android. However, this device is no longer getting official updates. It is stuck in the 5th version of Android – Lollipop. The only way to run the newer Android version on this device is to install a Custom ROM. If you are wondering which custom ROM should you choose, here are the 5 best custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 3.

Note that you can always build your own ROM from Android’s Open Source Code.


MagMa NX ROM will bring you the latest Galaxy S8 experience on your 4-year-old Note 3. It is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with the Dream UI on top, and it looks flawless. Here are some of the most useful features of MagMa NX.

  • Always On Display
  • Screen Off Memo
  • Blue Light Filter
  • Sound Features
  • Edge Screen

The biggest flaw of this ROM is speed. Do not get me wrong because I am not saying that this is a slow ROM. But, do not be surprised if you experience random stutter or lag during some heavy tasks.

If you are in love with the look and feel of the Galaxy S8 Software, you should definitely try MagMa NX ROM on your Note 3. Here is the link to the official XDA thread with the installation instructions MagMa NX.

Official Lineage OS

This ROM offers you the latest Android 7 Nougat for your Galaxy Note 3. It is a clean version of Google Android with a stock look and feels. Lineage OS does not contain any bloatware, this makes the user experience ultra-smooth and fast.

The downside of this ROM is that there might be some minor bugs in the system, and some functions may not work as expected. However, if you like to experience a stock Android 7 Nougat on your Galaxy Note 3, do not doubt and try it. Here is the link to the official XDA thread with the installation instructions Lineage OS. Lineage OS has been flexible Custom ROM that can even be built on Windows 10 quite easily for any device.

DarkLord S7 Edge Full Port

DarkLord series are well-known as stable and feature-full ROMs for Samsung phones. This one is not an exception. As the name suggests, this ROM is based on the S7 Edge Stock ROM, and it runs on Android 6 Marshmallow. This ROM is rich with features and a broad range of customization. You also may find a couple of Note 5 functionalities through the interface like the Screen Off Memo. However, visually it offers you an experience similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Overall DarkLord S7 Edge is a very stable and capable ROM.

The biggest problem with this ROM is that video recording doesn’t work. There are a couple of fixes or camera mods that can offer an appropriate replacement for your camera app, but it is still an issue worth mentioning. Here is the link to the official XDA thread with the installation instructions Darklord S7 Edge Full Port.

Resurrection Remix

This is also a ROM that offers you stock Android look for your Galaxy Note 3. It runs the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat, and it is blazing fast. Resurrection Remix merges a variety of software builds in one ROM. It is a combination of performance, power, customization, and tons of features. This is a ROM with the highest level of customization for your device. You can change pretty much everything and adjust it to your liking.

Despite the numerous benefits, some users experienced battery drains during the use of this ROM. However, it is still а very powerful ROM worth trying. Here is the link to the official XDA thread with the installation instructions Resurrection Remix.

N7 Port Phronesis ROM

Do you remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Yes, it was а flagship with the exploding battery.

N7 Port Phronesis ROM provides you the Galaxy Note 7 software experience for your Galaxy Note 3. This ROM is one of the most stable ROMs for your device. It is a feature-rich ROM that will amaze you with the beautiful UI. Rom Control feature of this ROM gives you the power to customize and control your device as you like.

The only complaint I can find about this ROM is the NFC error that shows sometimes and can be really annoying. Other than that this ROM is the complete package. Here is the link to the official XDA thread with the installation instructions N7 Port Phronesis ROM.


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