Best Co-op games on Steam

Many gamers have reported that they tried to find good co-op games on Steam but were having difficulty finding them. We decided to compile a list so you can get an insight regarding the best co-op games available on Steam which you can play with your girlfriend/friend/siblings.

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a first person puzzle game. It has a rich and humorous story line along with good personality characters. The gameplay mainly focuses on completing puzzles by placing adjoined portals using your portal gun. The world is very big and the story progresses in an excellent manner. Not to mention the character development is also very surprising.

There is a lot of attention to the detail given to objects and characters. Although there is a lot of emphasis on the main story line, you will find yourself spending a lot of time meddling with puzzles in the test chambers.


  • It creates a great sense of accomplishment through combined teamwork. The co-op multiplayer gameplay contains completely different puzzles as compared to single player. This keeps the game fresh for those who have already completed the single player campaign.
  • The challenging puzzles in the game force the player to think creatively. It challenges them to use cubes, portals, and lots of other mechanics in very interesting ways.
  • It also has a gigantic collection of puzzles created by users through the Steam workshop. Because the puzzles are developed by the users, their quality and difficulty vary significantly. By having this much amount of puzzles at one’s disposal, the appeal to play the game is always there.
  • There is a good selection of multiplayer options available in the game. It’s possible to play multiplayer free online or you can also play using split screen.
  • The game is so large in scope that it takes multiple playthroughs to see everything in detail. Portal 2 is bigger and more detailed as compared to its predecessor.


  • The main co-op campaign is very short. An experienced player can complete in 4 hours whereas it can take a few days for normal people. Luckily there are tons of puzzles available through user generated content.
  • The co-op campaign has a very high learning curve. You get harder puzzles very quickly as compared to single player. It is advised that you play single player first to get an idea regarding the game’s mechanics.

Don’t Starve Together

This is a multiplayer survival game which has a very impressive art style. The gameplay dangles from a very deep and varied system of crafting. If you think of something in your mind, you can probably craft it in the game. This keeps the game interesting and adds to its appeal.

The open gameplay encourages the concept of trial and error and leads you to many deaths before you can learn from your mistakes. Dying, again and again, may seem like an annoying gameplay but ultimately, it is the main appeal to this game. The new elements introduced are beyond impressive and it keeps you wondering what you must do to survive.


  • The gameplay stays fresh throughout the game because of the customizable levels available. There are various characters, permadeath and the constantly unfolding story elements.
  • The game is very easy and understandable in the start. There are very little of the mechanics involved and all you have to do is don’t starve. As you explore the world more and more, many new mechanics are introduced slowly with little guidance available. This makes the players think out of the box and figure out things themselves.
  • There is a unique mix of 2D and 3D characters. It has a unique gameplay where two-dimensional characters are fitted into a three-dimensional world. This game is surely a break to any person who is tired of playing realistic games all the time.
  • There is a very strong sense of humor. Random dialogues from characters, the existence of weird and funny characters, along with silly text adds to the dark sense of humor this game contains.
  • There are a lot of customizable options available. You can change the game mechanics easily such as change the length of the day, change all the weather schemas and even change the spawn rate of monsters.
  • The progression in the game is very rewarding and gives you a sense of accomplishment.


  • This game has a roguelike gameplay. So permanent death is not something uncommon. Combine that with a slow early game can sometimes frustrate the players while they progress.
  • This game also requires a lot of farming in order to complete the ingredients required to make items. This can sometimes be a very long and slow process.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is one of the first co-op first person shooter game where you and your friends can join and leave each other’s games easily. The gameplay largely focuses on collecting different types of loot where each one has its unique appeal and appearance.

The game won’t come with those “top-notch” graphics one may experience in COD etc. However, the story line progresses very smoothly. Taking on enemies in borderlands is very satisfying too.


  • There are various complementary classes available which add an extra mile in team plays. It can also become more like role-play playing; one player can become a tank and carry heavy shields and guns while another can become a medic with a long sniper at his disposal.
  • The loot available in Borderlands is enormous. It will make it look like a lottery whenever you kill an enemy or open a loot chest. The items and guns available in the game have very distinct and visual features. For example, a gun with a melee bonus will have a knife attached to it.
  • You will also find a huge amount of guns you can choose from, each of them having their own unique appearance and features.
  • Each play through is totally a different experience. With thousands of weapons to choose from, six classes, you can play the game numerous times and never get bored.
  • Those of you playing this game on a split screen can also play online with other people/friends. This adds up to a more enriched co-op experience.


  • A lot of enemies and bosses require no special tactics. They are bullet sponges.
  • Potential loot can also be lost due to sharing when playing in co-op. The first person to touch the loot gets it while the other player doesn’t.
  • There is not too much cooperation between the two players. The total cooperation they can experience is firing at the same mob/enemy together.
  • Borderlands 2 lacks some visual effects when it comes to characters. Having infinite types of weapons at one side and limited visualization can upset many players.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is a co-op first person shooter game which requires a lot of team play and cooperation in order to advance. There are a lot of type of weapons, enemies, and objectives to keep the appeal to the game alive.

If you have played Left 4 Dead 2, it is very hard to play the original again without having a little disappointment. It is based around a zombie apocalypse and you play as one of the four people struggling to get past the fast moving zombies to the other part of the map. This game forces you to work as a team if you want to survive and advance. One player can’t “carry” all the others to victory. This game can be unplayable/finishable without the cooperation of all the players playing.


  • Very calibrated cooperation between teammates is needed to advance into the game. This promises interesting dynamics for the players as it will be almost impossible for any single player to advance to the next level without the help of teammates.
  • This game also incorporates melee weapons so it increases the graphic violence as well as give a more “personal” feeling to the player.
  • There is a special co-op mode where two teams can play against one another. One team can play the role of survivors while the other team plays the role of the infected (zombies). This opens up a whole new level of play style and uncommon strategies.
  • If you want a break from the co-op with real people, this game also has the option of playing with AI. This is one of the best games out there for playing with AI on offline mode.


  • The AI can sometimes make very stupid decisions which can ruin what the player is trying to achieve or planning.
  • For those people who are looking for a casual co-op game, this doesn’t even come close to the category. Without full cooperation between all the players, it is almost impossible to enjoy the game to the fullest.
  • There is very less variation of gameplay. At the start, blowing zombies off would sound very appealing and interesting. However, once the hype is all over, you would find yourself bored with the experience.
  • Although the game is improved from the original one, there are no major variations to the mechanics involved.


Factorio is considered as a 2D game where the players build factories in an alien environment. The gameplay includes mining resources, making infrastructure, fighting aliens, trying to automate the productions and upgrading after researching technologies.

This game focuses on a man who crash landed on a planet. His initial target was to make an alien planet which could be inhabited by humans. He faces a problem in which the inhabitants of the planet doesn’t like his arrival.

The game, on the whole, is very challenging and interesting. It takes time to get anything done but the sense of accomplishment is very satisfying. This game also demands long term planning and thinking ahead of things. Of course, during the early stages of the game, your techniques may fall short. But as you progress and get to know the mechanics, it is very stimulating.

This game is different from other games as it demands long term thinking from both the players. Although one player can always assist the other one, it is much fun if both of them are on the same page.


  • There are always endless solution to problems. Through planning, users can “code” together to craft all the items needed for the game. The game challenges the players to think out of the box and try to look at every angle of the problem.
  • The graphics are not that high if compared to modern games. This game has a touch of “old school” graphics implemented with impressive visuals available. The game is very well balanced and has its charm in its own way.
  • The world you are in is as large as you want to explore it. In other words, there are endless lands to discover and if you get established enough, the gameplay is amazing.
  • The gameplay itself is very addictive and provides a good challenge to both players.
  • The economic aspects are perfectly balanced with nothing too overpriced. Every cost is calculated and serves its purpose well.


  • A single gameplay can consume several co-op sessions in a stretch. This may be a positive aspect in many ways but, this game isn’t suited for those who are looking for entertainment for a limited time.
  • Because of the late game mechanics, the game may start to lag. Even the most graphically advanced PC’s may experience some lag until you turn the graphic options down.
  • The game is still in its Alpha mode which means you will experience some bugs as well as some missing features. However, with the regular Steam updates rolling out, they get fixed pretty quickly.
  • Some people may dislike the old 90’s feel in the game.

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