Bellabeat vs. Fitbit: Which One is the Best Choice in 2024?

Fitness trackers have revolutionized how we keep tabs on our movement, rest, and general health. In this category, Bellabeat and Fitbit are two of the most well-known options.

You can choose from various fitness trackers manufactured by these companies to track your day-to-day movements, record your exercises, and boost your health.

This article compares and contrasts Bellabeat and Fitbit’s fitness trackers, examining their respective features, designs, and capabilities, and more so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Design and aesthetics

The core values of Bellabeat’s design are sophistication and understatement. The company’s products, such as the Leaf Urban, resemble fashionable jewelry more than standard fitness trackers, with its chic wood and metal construction that lends itself to any style.

Bellabeat blends into your aesthetic seamlessly | Bellabeat

These accessories, made from American Ashwood and stainless steel, can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or clip and fit in any style.

Bellabeat’s trackers are the pinnacle of stylish functionality, and their lack of a digital display only adds to their appeal as a piece of jewelry.

In contrast, Fitbit favors a more traditional look for its devices. These gadgets, ranging from the primary Fitbit Inspire series to the advanced Versa and Sense smartwatches, all excel in their fields.

Fitbit trackers and smartwatches | Fitbit

Fitbit is committed to durability and adaptability, as evidenced by the predominance of silicone straps and digital displays that range from simple LED lights to full-color touchscreens. Fitbit enables customization with various color options, convertible bands, and high-end upgrades.

While the Versa 2 and Sense are two exceptions, most Fitbit products are designed with practicality rather than aesthetics.

Target audience

Bellabeat’s fashionable products are mainly marketed to women because the company places a premium on women’s health.

Bellabeat target audience | Bellabeat

The company’s products combine fashion and thorough health tracking, including menstrual cycle tracking, fertility predictions, stress management, and mindfulness activities.

On the other hand, Fitbit is designed for people of various orientations, ages, and levels of physical activity. They have everything from simple trackers to complex fitness watches loaded with capabilities.

Fitbit manufactures products for general audience | Fitbit

Moreover, Fitbit is an excellent option for families, thanks to its tracker designed specifically for youngsters. The social fitness aspects of the Fitbit app encourage group workouts and competitions, increasing the app’s appeal among athletes and health-conscious people of all ages.

Battery life and durability

Bellabeat devices are renowned for their impressive battery life. Depending on the specific model, you can expect the battery to last anywhere from several days to months without recharging.

For example, Bellabeat Leaf’s battery can last up to 6 months as it is not rechargeable. While the battery of Bellabeat IVY can last for 8 days with a single charge.

This longevity can be attributed to the absence of power-intensive features like a digital screen. Regarding durability, Bellabeat devices are designed to be robust and long-lasting, crafted from high-quality materials like wood composite and stainless steel.

Battery life comparison | Tarik via Canva

Fitbit’s battery life, on the other hand, varies depending on the model and usage. Basic models like the Inspire series can last up to five days, while more advanced models with power-intensive features like the Versa or Sense may need charging every other days.

Fitbit devices are built to withstand an active lifestyle. They’re water-resistant, and some models are swim-proof. Their bands are replaceable, adding to the lifespan of the device.

A new coin-cell lithium battery is required every six months because several products of Bellabeat have no rechargeable battery. These products include Bellabeat Leaf, Spring and more. Aside from that, there’s enough space in the internal memory to keep 14 days’ worth of data.

The new Fitbit Versa 4 is speedier thanks to an improved CPU, and a single charge should last 2.5 days of typical use. According to the developers, a full charge can last up to five days under typical use.


Display comparison | Etsy

A Bellabeat activity tracker is a simple gadget with no display. However, you can access your monitoring data when you sync your Bellabeat fitness tracker to your phone. With the Bellabeat fitness tracker, users can directly retrieve their data through a dedicated mobile app

However, Fitbit has different types of displays for their series. For example, Fitbit Sense has a Gorilla Glass 3-protected AMOLED display. On the other hand, Fitbit Versa has a color LCD display with a resolution of 300×300 pixels and sustainable brightness of 1000 nits.

Water Resistance

Water Resistance comparison | Lucadp via Canva

Bellabeat health trackers are available in various water resistance ratings, such as IP68 to IPX6. If your Bellabeat has an IP68 certification, it is among the most water-resistant electronic gadgets available. However, IPX6 implies you cannot swim while wearing a Bellabeat. Check out this article if you’re interested in learning how waterproof each IP certification is.

Fitbit trackers, most of which boast an IP68 or higher water resistance rating, cater to those living in wet climates or frequently showering. Notably, the water resistance of most Fitbits is rated at 5 ATM.

ATM, short for atmospheres, is a unit of pressure that measures the force exerted by the weight of the Earth’s atmosphere at sea level. In the context of watches, it’s used to denote water resistance, with each ATM representing the pressure under 10 meters of static water.


Fitness trackers | Mile via Canva

Fitbit has the best tracking features because it was designed for this alone. The accurate sensors on a Fitbit gadget allow comprehensive tracking of your vitals throughout the day. With a paid subscription, you can unlock exclusive features as well.

Sleep, walking, and even breathing can all be tracked using Bellabeat, though less precisely. The most prominent feature of Bellabeat, however, is that it accurately monitors the menstrual cycle. In general, Bellabeat is more focused towards women’s health.

Compatibility and connectivity

Connectivity of fitness trackers | Tashi via Canva

Bellabeat can sync with your iOS and Android devices remotely using Bluetooth. However, iOS 11.0 or later is required for iPhones, while Android 6.0 or later is required for Android devices.

While, the Fitbit Aria Air, Fitbit smartwatches, and Fitbit fitness trackers use Bluetooth Low Energy for wireless sync with select electronic devices.

Like the Bellabeat Ivy Bracelet, Fitbit is compatible with iOS and Android devices. In addition to Bluetooth, Fitbit watches can link up with Wi-Fi. They can join WEP, WPA, and WPA2 personal networks open to the public.

Functionality and features

Bellabeat and Fitbit are comprehensive health and wellness trackers with unique strengths. Bellabeat’s wearables track movement, anxiety, and periods. They contain guided meditations and relaxation activities with a focus on holistic health.

Bellabeat Functionalities

Meanwhile, Fitbit devices measure everything from your daily activity and exercise to your heart rate, location, and even electrodermal activity for nervousness tracking in their more sophisticated models. Most modern designs incorporate a screen, allowing instantaneous readouts of vital statistics.

Fitbit functionalities

Price and value for money

When considering a fitness tracker or smartwatch, it’s essential to weigh both the price and the value for money. While price is a straightforward concept, value for money is more subjective, involving a consideration of how well the product’s features and performance align with its cost.

Here is a comparison of various products from Fitbit and Bellabeat, including their prices and key features. This should help you understand the range of options available and the value each product may provide for its cost.

ProductBrandPriceKey FeaturesTarget Market
Inspire 2Fitbit$59.95Steps, distance, calories burned, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoringBasic fitness tracking
Versa 3Fitbit$235All features of Charge 4, voice control, ability to answer calls from wristSmartwatch users
Sense 2Fitbit$299.95Advanced health features (EDA sensor for stress, skin temperature sensor, ECG app)Health-focused smartwatch users
LeafBellabeat$99Activity, sleep, menstrual cycles tracking, stress predicting, meditation exercisesWomen’s health
TimeBellabeat$149All features of Leaf, in a watch formatWomen’s health and style
Price Comparison table

While Fitbit offers more technologically advanced options, Bellabeat focuses on women’s health with a unique design that doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Bellabeat Pros & Cons


  • The pedometer’s precision far exceeds that of the Fitbit. 
  • Only Bellabeat offers functionalities like monitoring menstrual cycles and pregnancy health.
  • You can wear the Bellabeat with just about any dress because it is fashionable.
  • Bellabeat provides classic and elegant designs for its products, just like jewelry.


  • Lack of display.
  • No heart rate monitor is available on Bellabeat.

Fitbit Pros and Cons


  • Higher levels of brand awareness
  • A vastly more intuitive interface
  • It is far more resistant to water.
  • Fitbit’s cost is reasonable.
  • Minimalist design
  • It comes with a display


  • Some Fitbit devices require frequent charging.
  • Certain metrics like steps or distance can be inaccurately tracked.
  • More feature-rich models can be expensive.

Final Thoughts

Bellabeat’s devices are stylish, designed like jewelry, and focus on comprehensive women’s health tracking, including menstrual cycles and stress management. However, their trackers lack features common in other fitness trackers, such as built-in displays and heart-rate monitors.

Fitbit’s devices are robust and versatile, offering detailed fitness tracking suitable for all individuals, regardless of age or gender. They offer heart-rate monitors and built-in GPS in some models but are less aesthetically appealing than Bellabeat.

Your choice depends on your personal needs and preferences. Assess your priorities, compare them to our breakdown of features, and make the best decision for your health and wellness journey.


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