Atari Acquires Popular Atari Community Forum and Fan Site, AtariAge

Atari has been making moves quite often to preserve retro gaming. A couple of months ago, Atari acquired 100+ classic PC games from the 80s and 90s, and just last month, they launched the Atari 2600+, a modern upgraded version of Atari’s most popular home console to play retro games. Atari has now acquired AtariAge, an online community and news site with a focus on Atari-related content.

AtariAge, initially named Atari 2600 Nexus in 1998, evolved over the years to become a popular platform for retro gaming enthusiasts. The site has an active forum, an extensive collection of Atari hardware and software information, scans of Atari-related magazines and catalogs, an online store, and a selection of modified ROMs for the Atari 2600.

The good news for AtariAge users is that this acquisition won’t disrupt the site’s regular operations. The founder, Albert Yarusso, and the volunteer moderators will continue to manage the platform. Yarusso will also take on a new role as Atari’s in-house historian.

Atari CEO Wade Rosen showed his support for the acquisition and said,

For 25 years the AtariAge community has documented Atari games and provided a valuable forum for a large and passionate community of retro game fans, collectors, and homebrew developers.

By bringing AtariAge into the Atari family, we can ensure this important resource gets the support it needs to continue to fulfill its mission for years to come.”

From the perspective of Atari, this is a step in the direction of preserving its gaming history. Atari is indeed a pioneer in the world of retro gaming. Even today, in the age of AAA games, which are striving to look as realistic and visually enhanced as possible, it looks like Atari loves to stay true to its roots. 

This is definitely a treat for retro enthusiasts as still there is a company that is committed to its core fundamentals and looking out for the enthusiasts who love retro gaming even today.

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Abdullah Amin

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