Intel Arrow Lake Desktop Documentation Reveals 24 Next-Gen Cores, DDR5-6400 Memory & 24 Total PCIe Lanes

Hardware leaker YuuKi_AnS has leaked a document revealing pre-Alpha specifications for the Intel Arrow Lake platform. More specifically, while CPU specifications such as clock speeds may change, the platform design is almost certain to remain unaltered.

Arrow Lake-S Platform Detailed:

The successor to Raptor Lake on desktop is said to arrive in the second half of this year. Codenamed ‘Arrow Lake‘, Intel aims to give Zen5 a run for its money but that is yet to be seen.

Going over the details, Arrow Lake-S (S=Desktop) processors will feature a maximum of 24 total cores. The 24 cores are divided into 8 Performance (Lion Cove) and 16 Efficient cores (Skymont). There is also a mention of 8 IA Cores / 8 Threads, but these will remain disabled in 125W chips.

Arrow Lake-S CPU Specifications | YuuKi_AnS

Arrow Lake on desktop will use GT1 Xe-LPG-based graphics, a large leap from Raptor Lake. Quite notably, the specified pre-Alpha CPU here can boost up to 3.5GHz at best. While concerning, silicon quality is expected to improve so take this number with a grain of salt.

Intel’s Arrow Lake CPUs will use a new socket, LGA 1851, meaning you will have to purchase a new 800-series motherboard. The document reveals that LGA 1851 packs 24 Total PCIe lanes, 20 based on Gen5 (1×16 + 1×4) and 4 based on PCIe Gen 4.

Arrow Lake-S Platform Specifications | YuuKi_AnS

Next up, we also have a block diagram of 2 Arrow Lake-S configurations, one with 22 cores and the other with 14 cores. Now this does seem intimidating, but a few key highlights of the diagram are as follows.

Arrow Lake will feature support for dual-channel DDR5-6400 memory (JEDEC). The figure hints that CPUs below 14 cores may be limited in terms of I/O and connectivity since these specs are only applicable to the 6P+8E configuration and higher.

Arrow Lake-S Block Diagram | YuuKi_AnS


  • 24 Cores (8P+16E) / 24 Threads
  • P-Cores based on Lion Cove
  • E-Cores based on Skymont
  • Support for DDR5-6400 Memory
  • iGPU Based on Xe-LPG
  • Possible Configurations: 8P + 0E, 6P+8E, 6P + 16E, 8P+16E
  • 24 PCIe Lanes (20x PCIe Gen 5 + 4x PCIe Gen 4)
  • Launch Planned for H2 2024

Intel will reveal Arrow Lake by the second half of 2024. Though this is only true for desktop variants, since mobile Arrow Lake is rumored to arrive at CES 2025. That said, Zen5 from AMD is also scheduled for roughly the second half. Who do you think will win the CPU arms race this year? Tell us in the comments.

CodenameProcess NodePerformance Core MicroarchitectureEfficient Core MicroarchitectureRelease DateCores/ThreadsSocket
Raptor Lake (RPL)Intel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontLaunched24/32LGA 1700
Raptor Lake Refresh-S/HX (RPL-R)Intel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontLaunched24/32LGA 1700 / Mobile Platform
Raptor Lake U (RPL-U)Intel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontLaunched?/?Mobile Platform
Meteor Lake (MTL)Intel 4 (7nm)Redwood CoveCrestmontLaunched14/20Mobile Platform
Arrow Lake (ARL)Intel 20A (2nm)/TSMC N3BLion CoveSkymontH2 202424/24LGA 1851

Source: YuuKi_AnS (Tweet Deleted)


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