Apple Requests Samsung and LG To Develop Bezel-Less OLED For Upcoming Mobiles

To make the iPhone’s display completely bezel-free, Apple requested Samsung Display and LG Display to create a new type of OLED. Samsung Display and LG Display need to advance thin-film encapsulation (TFE) and under-panel camera (UPC) technologies and secure antenna space in order to produce bezel-less OLEDs as desired by Apple. Time is needed to implement this technology into mass production.

Industry rumors from the 24th claim that Samsung Display and LG Display are working on organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) that will make the next-generation iPhone completely bezel-less. Apple is currently working on making the bezels around the iPhone’s front display further thinner, with a final goal of eliminating them altogether.

Apple Will Keep The Display Flat

Apple apparently aims to eliminate side bezels while keeping the iPhone’s otherwise familiar flat display and angular profile.

This is distinct from the curved (edge) screens that have recently been implemented by several smartphone makers. Samsung has implemented curved displays into some of its devices, including the top Galaxy S series, but Apple apparently turned them down. Apple is reportedly hesitant to adopt curved displays for smartphones because of the optical “magnifying glass effect” they produce. If the display is made to run down the edge of the object, it may be susceptible to external shocks and the optical distortion effect.

iPhone 15 Pro’s Render | MacRumors

Without such a curved display, it is possible to bend all the circuits currently located in the bezel area under the display, allowing for the bezel-less design that Apple desires. Resolving the interference issue and making more room for antennas are both urgent at this point.

Thin-film encapsulation (TFE) and under-panel camera (UPC) technologies present further hurdles to the widespread adoption of bezel-less displays. The outside thin film bag might be made thinner, and the UPC could be made less noticeable so as to increase the sense of immersion experienced by the consumer.

Thus, many obstacles remain to overcome until we see Apple’s ideal bezel-free OLED. In preparation for this, Apple is making the iPhone’s front bezel thinner. LG Display’s recent inability to meet Apple’s specifications is connected to Apple’s effort to reduce the bottom bezel of the display in the iPhone 15 Pro.

The smartphone industry has been working to attain nearly full-screen displays by decreasing the size of the bezels recently. Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, introduced a concept model featuring “four-sided bending” in 2021. Xiaomi dubbed this then-innovative screen technology the “Quad Curved Waterfall Display.” Apple has requested Samsung Display and LG Display to create a bezel-less design.

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