The Notch is Finally Dead, Thank You Apple

At this year’s Apple September event, the company unveiled the next iPhones, and one thing we saw that was consistent across the board, was the integration of Dynamic Island – yes, the infamous Notch is finally gone!

If you aren’t already aware, the “Notch” is the black part that cuts into the display, found on older iPhones. This housed the phone’s camera, speaker, and its FaceID sensors.

In 2017, Apple, for the first (and presumably the last) time, released two iPhone series at the same event – iPhone 8 and iPhone X. While the (legendary) iPhone X had a lot more features when compared to the iPhone 8, the core highlight was the reduction of bezels, with a Notch at the top.

Over the next six years, while other companies kept looking for ways to shrink down their bezels to improve their screen-to-body ratios, Apple stuck to its design guns with the Notch. While it did get a slight revamp with the iPhone 13 series, being reduced across the board, it was still noticeable from a distance.

At this point, however, it had become a distinctive Apple feature. Nevertheless, in times like these, a Notch did seem a lot more outdated, and people wondered: what’s next? Well, when it was least expected, Apple surprised us with the Dynamic Island in the form of a software-controlled, shape-changing hub to display important notifications and alerts.

The evolution of the notch over the years | @theapplecycle

See, Apple’s design philosophy has never been about shiny looks or glittery aesthetics, but rather about something that blends in nicely with the background, making the experience seem a lot more natural. The Dynamic Island aimed to specifically do that, using a nice blend of software synchronization.

Now, after being introduced in the iPhone 14 Pro series, it has made quite a unique identity for itself. With Apple making the design consistent across all of its four iPhone models (base, Plus, Pro, Pro Max), it seems like this will be the next unique identifier for the largest phone company in the world.

To be clear, the Notch isn’t ‘totally’ dead – it’s still there on the Macs, but I highly doubt if we’ll ever need or see Dynamic Island integration there.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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