Apple Expected to Release a 10-inch Foldable Device to Replace iPad Mini Lineup

According to TheElec, Apple plans to replace the iPad Mini with a 10-inch foldable device, and despite rumors to the contrary, a foldable iPhone is unlikely.

The new iPad mini 6 from Apple was released last year with significant external and internal modifications. The gadget now has Touch ID built into the top Power button and bezels that are much thinner. For a time, the iPad mini range maintained the same appearance as the base device, making just minor adjustments with each new iteration. However, the most recent design, which borrows from the iPad Pro and the new iPad Air family, is more than a welcome upgrade. 

Apple is developing a foldable IT product that can replace the iPad mini lineup of less than 10 inches is still continuing, targeting 2025, the year after 2024 when Apple releases its first OLED iPad.”

According to the report, the company will release the foldable device in 2025, one year after the debut of the first OLED iPad. If the report is accurate, the foldable device that replaces the iPad mini 6 may be available in 2025. The Elec also revealed that the business has begun working on a brand-new 20-inch foldable display, possibly for upcoming MacBook Pro models. 

Foldable iPad concept render | MacRumors

The story asserts that Apple plans to release its foldable tablet to the general public in 2026 or 2027, but it cautions that this won’t likely happen until Apple switches the iPad and Mac to OLED screens. Only the most expensive iPhone and Apple Watch models now feature OLED screens; all other Apple devices have LCD ones. 

Take the news with a grain of salt since Apple has the last say on the matter. As soon as new information becomes available, we will update this article with further information about Apple’s foldable gadget that will replace the iPad mini family.


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