Apple’s NameDrop Lets You Share Contact Details in One Click

New features in iOS 17, Apple’s newest iPhone operating system, were announced at Apple’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference. NameDrop is a new function that allows you to easily share your contact list with another iPhone, much like Apple’s AirDrop.

NameDrop allows two iPhone users to simply put their phones together, as shown above, with one displaying the contact card of the person whose information they wish to exchange. The two devices will exchange contact details without any manual intervention.

While sharing the contact info, you will get a Contact Poster of the said person alongside their email, contact number and other details which are optional and can be opted out of.

Apple’s NameDrop Feature | Apple

iOS 17 will make it possible to wirelessly transfer files between two iPhones, in addition to contact information. You can continue sharing even after leaving the AirDrop range. The files will instead be transferred over the internet in full quality and security.

Using SharePlay, you may connect two iPhones and play a game, view a movie, or listen to music together. This autumn, iPhone XS and subsequent models will receive iOS 17, a free software update.

There are not many details about this feature and more will be known upon its arrival. We will make sure to keep you updated in case of any developments.


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