Apple’s In-House 5G Modem to Offer Unparalleled Performance

It looks like Apple’s intentions to develop its own in-house 5G Modem are still alive according to recent series of job listings posted by the Cupertino giant.

The Korean news site gamma0burst has aggregated a number of job advertisements from sites like LinkedIn for positions related to Apple’s 5G modem. The procedures and necessary engineers for developing the product are detailed in the listings.

Listing for recruiting specific engineers | gamma0burst

While details on the modem’s precise specifications remain scarce, it is reported that it can be built using either 3nm or 5nm processes. The modem’s die is supposedly just a “few hundred” mm2. As such, it’s clear that Apple is aiming to make its modem competitive with current-generation choices, rather than creating a device that’s years behind the market.

Long-term, though, Apple intends to bundle cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity into a single service. Apple will have greater control over the hardware and software of its devices, allowing it to improve both, if it develops its own 5G modem.

Apple also plans to hire professionals knowledgeable with TSMC’s N3 process in addition to developing its own 5G Modem. This hiring is a step toward using TSMC’s 3nm process into Apple’s next-generation M-Series and A-Series products.

It looks like Apple has a lot in plan in terms of bringing innovations into its product lineups. Let us know what you feel about the recent job listings posted by the tech giant.


Muhammad Zuhair

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