Android 14 Will Bring An Improved Split Screen Feature

Split-screen is a nice feature of Android that iPhone users don’t enjoy, and it allows you to use two apps side by side. The feature has been lacking, however it appears to be improved with Android 14.

According to a tweet by Mishaal Rahman, who found this feature in Android 14 Beta 2, saved “app pairs” will soon be available on the system. For those unaware, “app pair” debuted a few years back, allowing users to quickly and easily start two apps together from the “recents” panel rather than needing to first establish a new split-screen configuration.

This previously only worked if the apps were launched from the “recents” page, but with this update, users will be able to save “app pairs” that will allow them to start apps side-by-side in split-screen mode regardless of where they were launched from.

This capability is already available on Samsung and Microsoft’s Android variants, as Rahman points out. Actually, up to ten apps can be paired on a Samsung device to facilitate a faster multiwindow experience. The capability may be available to other OEMs for use in their own launchers if Google decides to implement it. It would be a great accessory for the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold. It seems tailor-made for the big-screen gadgets.

Google also launched 10-bit HDR support for Android 14, With the addition of 10-bit HDR (also known as Ultra HDR) in Android 14, users will be able to capture images with additional detail and saturation. Apps may easily interact with HDR photographs and display them in regular dynamic range because this Ultra HDR format is entirely backwards compatible with JPEG.


Farhan Ali

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