Google’s Pixel Tablet Expected to Launch by June 20, Reveals Amazon Listing

The Pixel Tablet will be launched on June 20 in Japan, according to a now-deleted Amazon listing, with other critical specifications also emerging as a result of the leak.

As caught in a screenshot (via Reddit), Amazon Japan momentarily featured a complete Pixel Tablet listing that includes the planned release and multiple photos of the gadget in Porcelain (beige back with white bezel) and Hazel (green/black).

The Pixel Tablet costs ¥79,800 (or $591) for 128GB of (UFS 3.1) storage, compared to a prior leak from April that said the price in Europe will be between €600 and €650 ($657 to $711). The “27 Wh built-in battery” is advertised as providing “up to 12 hours of video streaming.”

Before it was taken down, users on Twitter were able to go at the listing, and they verified that the Tensor G2 will come with 8GB RAM (LPDDR5), as we had previously reported. Additionally, we knew that there will be two storage capacities, the other being 256GB.

Additionally, a 10.95-inch 2560 x 1600 LCD with 500 nits of brightness is shown in the Pixel Tablet offering. As previously certified by the FCC, further Pixel Tablet specifications include 8MP front and back cameras, three microphones, a “quad speaker,” Bluetooth 5.2, and Ultrawide Band (UWB).

If the Pixel Tablet debuts in June and the Pixel 7a is anticipated the following week, Google seems to be launching its forthcoming hardware in stages. This is supported even more by the fact that the large-screen handset isn’t already leaking in stores like the mid-range phone. It’s unclear if the Pixel Fold will debut with the Tablet.


Muhammad Zuhair

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