AMD ‘Strix Point’ Monolithic APU Surfaces Once Again With 4xZen5 + 8xZen5C Cores & 16CU RDNA 3.5 iGPU

Performancedatabases has shared a screenshot of AMD’s upcoming next-generation Zen5-based APUs. The specific model we’re looking at today is the highest-end Monlithic configuration. This may possibly be the Ryzen 9 8040HS, provided AMD retains the same naming configuration.

Strix Point Monolithic APU Spotted

The image depicts a Strix Point APU in HWiNFO. Do note that we have seen a similar configuration before from the same source. Alongside that Golden Pig Upgrade Pack also confirmed the highest-end monolithic Strix Point specs, which are in-line with what we’re seeing today.

This specific SKU hosts 4xZen5 and 8xZen5C cores for a total of 12 cores / 24 threads. The L2 total cache sums up to 6MB or 1MB per each Zen5 core and 2MB per each Zen5C core cluster. The CPU is currently in the A0 silicon stage, meaning that it’s very likely a prototype.

AMD Strix Point Monolithic APU (Possible Ryzen 9 8040HS) | Performancedatabases

Furthermore, the CPU should have 24MB of L3 cache, as leaked by MLID. It is paired with 32GB of fast LPDDR5 memory and uses the FP8 socket.

RDNA 3.5 16 CU iGPU

Moving to the iGPU, this 12-core Strix Point APU packs 1024FP32 units, or 16 RDNA 3.5 Compute Units. Again, this is merely a confirmation of what was leaked previously.

Strix Point will be equipped with a modified variant of RDNA 3, termed RDNA 3.5. This architecture supposedly solves most of RDNA 3’s issues, whilst introducing a few neat features from the next major generation, RDNA 4.

Strix Point 16 CU iGPU | Performancedatabases

What’s interesting is that AMD has upped the shader count from 12 CUs to 16 CUs, or a 33% increase. The current generation Phoenix Point APUs are used in many handhelds and are very well-reputed for their efficiency and performance.

A 33% CU increase, paired with the overall architectural improvements could net users a substantial performance boost.

Release Date

Strix Point APUs will come in two flavors, Strix Point Monolithic and Strix Point MCM (Strix Halo). Strix Halo should offer 16 Cores / 32 Threads and a 40 CU iGPU based on RDNA 3.5. These APUs will directly succeed the current-gen Phoenix Point offerings.

AMD Strix Point Specifications | MLID

Strix Point is slated to arrive sometime in Q2 or Q3 2024, with Strix Halo planned for Q4 2024. Strix Halo is designed to compete against Apple’s M-series chips, whereas Strix Point is aimed at mainstream consumers. We cannot wait to see these APUs in action, especially since Meteor Lake is shaping out to be the basis for pretty neat APU designs. More on that here.

Source: Performancedatabases


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