AFOX Registers Various RTX 50 ‘Blackwell’ Series GPUs at the EEC

While we still have more than 1 year before NVIDIA unveils the RTX 50 lineup, board partners are already making preparations. AFOX, a partner that is not directly affiliated with NVIDIA has registered a number of SKUs, including a few from the RTX 50 series.

AFOX Files Submissions for Various RTX 50 GPUs

As indicated by Videocardz, AFOX is merely an Asian company that takes OEM GPUs and brands them with the AFOX tag. Not only this, but the company also does not comply with NVIDIA’s official guidelines concerning product packaging.

It is very much probable that the company has filed listings, in case NVIDIA launches them later on. Consider them as mere placeholders that may or may not be changed in the future. AFOX, much like any other vendor should not be aware of NVIDIA’s plans since they likely aren’t finalized yet.

The listed GPUs range from the GeForce 200 architecture up to Blackwell (RTX 50). More specifically, the Blackwell part of this listing includes everything from the RTX 5050 to the RTX 5090 Ti.

AFOX RTX 50 Listings | EEC via Videocardz

While this may sound exciting and can provoke people to think that Blackwell is around the corner, that simply isn’t the case. The EEC is sort of like a registry where companies assign trademarks for their upcoming products. Whether these listed products see the light of day, entirely depends on NVIDIA.

When Will RTX 50 Arrive?

The RTX 50 series of GeForce products is slated to launch in 2025. This makes adequate room for an Ada Lovelace refresh, if NVIDIA plans to go forth with the idea. Furthermore, the actual specifications are not expected to be confirmed until Q2-Q3 2024 which will be a rather jampacked time for the hardware industry.

Source: EEC , Videocardz


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