How to Access Google Drive From Ubuntu File Manager?

Instead of always opening the browser to access Google Drive, you can actually find all that you need from the Ubuntu file manager like it’s stored locally on the computer.

Google Account displayed in file manager
Google Account displayed in the Ubuntu file manager

From the file manager, you can do most of the operations as you would from the browser which includes:

  1. Copying, cutting, and pasting files
  2. Opening files of various formats
  3. Deleting files

How to Access Google Drive From Ubuntu File Manager

  1. Open Settings by either search through the apps menu or entering the following command in the terminal
  2. Navigate to Online Accounts from the settings menu
  3. Under the Add an account section, Click on Google

    Ubuntu Online Accounts Settings
    Ubuntu Online Accounts Settings
  4. A login dialog will pop. Enter your Google email address and password
  5. A dialog for granting Gnome permissions to access and manage your Google account will open.
    Scroll down and click on the Allow button

    Grant Gnome access to Google
    Grant Gnome access to Google
  6. On the next screen, you will need to turn on the Google features that you would like to use from your computer.
    For this guide, turn on all of them, but you can always come back later and change these settings by clicking on the Account

    Turn on Google features
    Turn on Google features to access
  7. Now your Google Account email will always be shown in the Ubuntu file manager and you can always open to access and manage your Google Drive files.
  8. You can manage the files like they’re local which includes using the keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + C for copying and many others.

Note: You will always need to be connected to the internet to access Google Drive

Common Tasks That Can be Done in Google Drive From the File Manager

  • Copying and pasting files or folders by using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V respectively.
  • Cutting files or folders with Ctrl + X
  • Creating new folders by right-clicking and then Click New Folder in which you can create any files.
  • You can easily navigate through the files by sorting them using: descending or ascending order, last modified, first modified, and more. To use this feature, click on the dropdown button as shown below
    Sorting Google drive contents from Ubuntu file manager
    Sorting Google drive contents from Ubuntu file manager

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