A Former Bloober Team Employee Is Reportedly Developing a New Horror Game Using Unreal Engine 5

It seems like the former-Bloober Team developer has changed his mind once again, and this time, is working on an even more ‘exciting’ project.

Artur Laczkowski, formerly of Bloober Team, has dropped the first teaser for the new horror game he’s developing. The studio working on the game is yet to be named, however there are a few other details worth noting.

As part of a”big project with big names and budget,” Laczowksi tweeted concept drawings of a bleeding childish figure.

Keep in mind that the picture included in the tweet is only concept art and not a part of the final game. This was clarified by the author himself while replying to a comment on the post. In addition, Laczkowski previously explored making another horror game, Death of Rose, but it seems to have been put on hold for something he finds “a million times more exciting.” This was also clarified in a reply to someone.

This game will be developed on Unreal Engine 5, and will be capped at 4K 30FPS, however it is still unclear what platforms it will be featured on. 

Artur previously worked with Bloober Team, the studio that will release Silent Hill 2 Remake the following year. The developer has admitted that Silent Hill was an inspiration for his previous game, and there are numerous similarities between the two genres.

Even the following year, with the likes of Silent Hill 2 and the Resident Evil 4 Remake, we see each new entry in the genre outdoing its predecessors. The next game from these people, formerly of Bloober Team should be just as scary as everything else coming out this year.


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