5 Best Apps for a Second Phone Number

Since the advent of mobile phones, we have often heard people saying that this invention has indeed taken our comfort to the next level. It does not matter anymore where you are physically located. You can still talk to your acquaintances sitting in some other part of the globe at any time very conveniently. In a way, this invention has decreased the distances and has brought people closer. However, a phone without a SIM is generally considered useless. I mean not entirely useless because you can still do a lot of stuff with it with its other features. However, if you want to make or receive calls, send or receive messages or even activate your WhatsApp, then you definitely will need a number. And that number will be associated with a SIM.

In today’s world, almost every member of the house owns a cellphone which means if there are five people living in a house, then they will have five different numbers or even more. Now the thing that we need to understand here is that because of the excessive use of mobile phones, our mobile number has become a very precious entity. A mobile number is no longer of lesser importance than the name of a person, his email id, his CNIC number, etc. With every precious entity, there is always some kind of threats associated. It means that your mobile number is prone to external attacks and you must protect it from them just like you protect your other valuables.

You might be wondering that how can someone pose a threat on us just with the help of our mobile number. Well, you need to remember this thing that the details associated with your mobile number are so critical that if your mobile number ever goes into wrong hands, then you can be devastated. Nowadays, most of our social media accounts are also connected with our phone numbers so anyone stealing our personal number can easily break into our social lives. Moreover, apart from these serious implications, people can simply make fake calls to your phone number, send fake messages, annoy you by sending malicious links, etc. And all this happens when they have your mobile number.

By now, it is a very well established fact that we cannot simply give away our personal phone numbers to anyone who asks for them. Now the question arises that what do we do if we cannot share our personal numbers. Because there really are some websites that must need your phone number in order to allow you to proceed with any other thing. That is where the second phone number comes into play. Now there can be three different ways to own a second phone number which are listed below:

  1. You can have two different phones with two different SIMs.
  2. Dual-SIM phones are very common these days. So you can have one for keeping two different SIMs.
  3. You can use an application that can generate a second number for you.

We will discuss all these ways one by one. In the first case, you will have to carry two different phones with you all the time because you will use one for your personal communications and the other one for dealing with your public affairs. But no one in today’s world would like to carry two different phones so this really is not a good idea. The second solution seems pretty reasonable in a sense that your both numbers will be housed in a single cellphone, however, this still is not considered as the best approach when you have the third option too.

The drawback with the second option is that you still will have to carry two different SIMs and will also have to go through the process of SIM registration and other stuff like that. So, how about the third option in which an app can generate a second number for you even without a SIM with which you can keep your personal number protected and can use the second number for your social communications. Well, this definitely sounds good. Now there are so many applications available in the market that can serve this purpose, however, in this article, we will share with you a list of the 5 Best Apps for a Second Phone Number so that you can quickly grab any one of them and keep your personal number safe for as long as you want.

1. Google Voice

Google Voice is a very famous app for a second phone number developed by Google for the Android, iOS, and Web platforms. The best thing about this application is that, because of its availability across multiple different platforms, you can send or receive calls or messages on any device that you are currently using. It even allows you to Forward your calls to any device. You can also Block the spam calls and messages very conveniently. This application provides you with the liberty to decide who can reach out to you at what time. Moreover, it has a very simple and easy to use interface.

Google Voice

The Business Plans of this application come with Hangouts Meet and Calendar Integration that help you a lot in staying organized and focusing on important matters. This application is highly Scalable and can be deployed instantly. It is also capable of Transcribing Voice Mails automatically. As far as the pricing of this application is concerned, then the Personal Plan (for Android, iOS, and Web) of this application is available for free and can easily be downloaded and used, however, the details of the paid Business Plans are listed below:

  • Starter Plan- The price of the Starter Plan is $10 per user per month.
  • Best Value Plan- The Best Value Plan costs $20 per user per month.
  • Premiere Plan- The Premiere Plan is worth $30 per user per month.
Google Voice Pricing

2. Burner

Burner is another amazing application that can give you a second phone number which is fully loaded with amazing features. The generated second number is also known as a Burner or a Burner Number. With this second phone number, you can do almost everything that you can do with your primary phone number. It allows you to Customize your Voicemail Greetings. You can even protect your burner number with a PIN Lock. This application lets you manage your contacts very efficiently. It enables you to Send Auto Replies to Text Messages. Moreover, a burner number can also be used to make and receive calls through an Internet connection with the help of its In-App Calling or Voice over IP (VoIP) feature.


The Reminder feature of burner can be used for setting up alerts regarding making or sending important calls or messages. Burner allows you to Forward Messages or Calls to another number very easily. You can also use your burner number for browsing on the web. For iOS users, this application has a special feature which enables you to use Siri for text messages and calls. Moreover, you can always get rid of a burner number by deleting it any time you want. Burner offers us a Free Trial version whereas the details of its paid plans are given below:

  • Burner Subscriptions- The subscription plan is further divided into four different sub-plans i.e. 1 Line Subscription Monthly, 3 Line Subscription Monthly, 1 Line Subscription Yearly, 3 Line Subscription Yearly. These sub-plans cost $4.99 per month, $14.99 per month, $47.99 per year, and $139.99 per year respectively.
  • Prepaid Burners- The prepaid burners are divided into five different categories i.e. 3 Credits, 8 Credits, 10 Credits, 15 Credits, 25 Credits. These credits are worth $1.99, $4.99, $5.99, $7.99, and $11.99 respectively.
Burner Pricing

3. Hushed

Hushed is an app for a second phone number developed for UK, US, Canada, and over 45 other countries. This app enables you to get as many secondary numbers as you want hence allowing you to take full control of your privacy. By using this application, you can make and receive calls from anywhere including the local and long-distance calls. Just like Burner, Hushed also generates disposable numbers which mean that you can delete them any time you want. Moreover, it provides you with the flexibility of getting a customized secondary number depending upon your choice.


Hushed offers us a Free Trial for 3 Days whereas its paid plans along with their details are as follows:

  • 7 Day Plan- The price of this plan is $1.99 which is a one-time price.
  • 30 Day Plan- This plan costs $3.99 which is a one time cost.
  • 90 Day Plan- This plan is worth $9.99 which is also a one time cost.
  • Unlimited Plan- Hushed charges $4.99 per month for this plan.
Hushed Pricing

4. Flyp

Flyp is another app for a second phone number designed for the iOS and Android operating systems. It allows you to stay connected internationally as well as locally. This application provides you with the liberty to decide the time when people can contact you. You can get one or even more than one secondary phone numbers using this versatile application. The Do Not Disturb and Call Blocking features of this application enable you to keep the annoyers away all the time. The Call Like a Local feature facilitates you by letting you choose the area code of your number. In this way, the person whom you are calling with your secondary number will never know that you are calling from a distant land.


Flyp enables you to see all your calls, messages, voicemails, etc. at one place and hence provides a very Convenient Communication. This application also has an edge over other Wi-Fi-based calling apps because the Voice Quality of this application is very exceptional. It offers us a Free Trial for 7 Days whereas its paid plan is worth $7.99 per month per number which means that this amount will multiply according to the secondary numbers that you have.

Flyp Pricing

5. Line2

Line2 is yet another application for a second phone number which is solely dedicated to Business Services. This app enables you to choose your number and identity according to your own will. The best thing about Line2 is that it is designed to work on any device. It supports all the networks so it does not matter if you are using Cellular Voice, Cellular Data or Wi-Fi, Line2 will work perfectly fine with it. This app allows you to Add Multiple Lines and Scale-up your business rapidly. Moreover, Line2 also provides you with a great Voice Quality which makes it all the more suitable for business purposes.


Like all other secondary phone number apps, Line2 also has the capability of Call Blocking. It offers you very Low International Calling Rates which makes the customers more inclined towards it. With the help of the Call Forwarding feature of this application, you can never miss any calls. Line2 also lets you attend or decline specific calls by making use of its Call Screening feature. The Group Calling feature of this app promotes collaboration which is again very important for business dealings.

Line2 offers us a Free Trial for 7 Days whereas the details of its paid plans are given below:

  • Standard Plan- The price of this plan is $8.30 per month.
  • Pro Plan- This plan costs $12.45 per user per month.
  • Elite Plan- This plan is worth $16.63 per user per month.
Line2 Pricing

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