How to Fix Windows Hello Error Code: 0x801c0451?

When setting up Hello PIN on a Windows 10 PC, the Error Code 0x80090011 is frequently seen. The following is a failed error message that you may see on the display screen: “Something went wrong, and we couldn’t set up your PIN, Error 0x80090011”. Some of the main problems that may prevent creating Hello Pin error on Windows 10 include a recently installed Windows 10 Update, administrator login issues, TPM fault, and a non-functioning IPsec Policy Agent.

error code 0x801c0451
Error Code 0x801c0451

There are some methods to fix the above error, and we have mentioned seven of them in this article. You can try them one by one and check which one works for you.

Restart Your Computer

The solution to most of the problems sometimes is restarting your computer. If the 0x801c0451error occurs due to a temporary bug, you can quickly fix it with just a restart.

Change Microsoft Account

When installing Windows 11 or 10, most users log in with their Microsoft accounts. Although it’s completely fine to use your Microsoft account, sometimes logging in with a local account also works in fixing the error. To change your account to local, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Windows settings. You can do it by either pressing the windows option or the Windows + I key.
  2. Click on the accounts section present on the left-hand side.
  3. Here, click on the sign in with a local account instead option.
  4. After that, you will have to enter the login details of your Microsoft account. Next, you can enter the name of your account and a new password. 
  5. In the final step, choose the sign-out option and log in again with your new credentials.

Uninstall Windows Update

Since the root of this problem was the latest windows update, you can quickly solve it by uninstalling the windows update. Below are the steps to uninstall the latest windows updates:

  1. Press Windows + R key to open the Run command.
  2. Next, type appwiz. cpl in the box. After that, click ok.
    appwiz. cpl
    appwiz. cpl
  3. After that, you will have to on View installed updates. Next, find out the version that was last installed on your computer.
    error code 0x801c0451
    Error Code 0x801c0451
  4. Once you find the last version installed, you can right-click on it and select the uninstall option.
  5. After the uninstallation is finished, reboot your computer.
0x801c0451 windows hello error
0x801c0451 Windows Hello Error

Turn off Sleep Mode

The sleep mode is essential for resetting your system without turning it off. But after the latest windows update, sleep mode has become one of the main reasons for the 0x801c0451 Windows Hello Error. Follow the steps below and turn off the sleep mode to solve this issue.

  1. Open the search option from the taskbar and type control.exe into it.
    open the search option
    Open the search option
  2. Then change the view by the option to Large icons.
    control panel
    Control Panel
  3. Next, choose the power option and from the right side, click on change plan settings.
  4. Select Put the computer to sleep for both On battery and Plugged in options in the final step. Click on save changes to finish.
0x801c0451 windows hello error
0x801c0451 Windows Hello Error

Reset PIN

If the error doesn’t go away after trying the above four steps, then you can try to create a new PIN. Creating a new pin is an easy task; follow the steps below:

  1. Open the search panel from the taskbar and type in sign-in options.
    open the search panel
    Open the Search Panel
  2. After it opens, select PIN or Windows Hello PIN from the right side
    select pin or Windows hello pin
    Select PIN or Windows Hello PIN
  3. Next, click on I forgot my PIN and enter the details of your Microsoft account.
  4. A verification message will come on the screen. Just click continue and insert the new PIN to set it up.
insert new pin
Insert New PIN

Some Windows users are reporting an annoying bug where Windows keeps telling them to set up a pin despite them already having set It up. If you encounter such issue, visit Fix: Windows 11 Keeps Asking to Setup a Windows Hello Pin to know more

Check for Updates

If you haven’t updated your windows for a long time, there is also a chance that the error is happening. To check for updates, follow the guidelines below.

  1. Open the Run box by pressing Windows + R key. Type ms-settings:windowsupdate in the run box.
  2. Click on check for updates from the right-hand side of the panel.
  3. If you find any new updates, install them and reboot your computer again.
windows update
Windows Update

Restore any Changes 

The system restore option in windows allows us to go back to the state at any specific point in time. It is used to handle and fix some common errors and malfunctions, which is why it has become an excellent solution for our errors. You can quickly restore the system by following the steps below.

  1. Press Windows + S key to open the search panel. Type control panel in the panel and click on the restore option. From there select the open system restore option.
    all control panel items
    All control panel items
  2. Next, choose the restore point, and on the system restore wizard, click next. After that, click on finish and select yes to confirm.
0x801c0451 windows hello error
0x801c0451 Windows Hello Error
0x801c0451 windows hello error
0x801c0451 Windows Hello Error

Getting a 0x801c0451 Windows Hello Error while setting up your PIN is a terrible experience. Since there aren’t many articles on the internet regarding this, we explained some of the solutions to this error. We also mentioned the steps in which you can apply these solutions to fix the error. With the content of this article, we hope that you will be able to fix the 0x801c0451 Windows Hello Error easily.


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