10 Ways to Fix Your Xiaomi Phone Flickering Issue [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • Common in the Redmi Note 10 and 11 series, this issue could be due to software bugs or hardware problems, with no consistent cause.
  • Key fixes include enabling anti-flicker mode, updating the OS, and adjusting display settings like auto-brightness and hardware overlays.
  • If simple fixes don’t work, a factory reset or professional repair may be necessary, especially if physical damage is suspected.

Xiaomi entices hundreds of people with their high-end specs but budget-friendly smartphones featuring affordable price tags. But what if the supposedly faithful Xiaomi phone suddenly throws a curveball your way? A frustrating screen flickering issue that’s sending countless users into a frenzy, desperately seeking a quick fix.

Typically, screen flickering indicates a display problem, often requiring replacement options. Yet, if there are no visible signs of damage — it’s likely a firmware glitch.

But don’t worry! This setback does not mark the end of your Xiaomi journey but rather an opportunity to troubleshoot the issue at hand and unlock the full potential of your Xiaomi experience.

Xiaomi Phone Flickering Issue
Xiaomi Phone Flickering Issue

Xiaomi Phone Flickering Issue — Explained

Imagine being on the verge of winning an intense gaming session, only for your display to suddenly start continuously flickering and jittering. To make matters worse, the brightness may even drop by 20%. A winning game slipping away before your eyes, no doubt.

Unfortunately, this frustrating scenario is all too common for many Xiaomi users. The issue predominantly affects the Redmi Note 10 and 11 series, but that doesn’t leave other Xiaomi smartphones immune. While it could either be a software or hardware issue, there’s typically no specific pattern to the screen flickering, making it difficult to pinpoint. Talk about having a mind of its own!

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What Causes the Xiaomi Phone Flickering Issue?

The primary reason behind Xiaomi phone flickering issues lies in the transition from LCD to OLED display technology in newer models. LCD and OLED displays differ in their methods of controlling brightness, with LCD utilizing Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and OLED employing DC Dimming.

Xiaomi Display
OLED Vs. LCD Display

PWM adjusts brightness by rapidly toggling pixels on and off, usually at a frequency imperceptible to the human eye under normal conditions. However, at low brightness levels, some individuals may notice flickering. Conversely, DC Dimming modifies brightness by directly adjusting the voltage supplied to the display, bypassing the flickering problem associated with PWM.

However, this is not the sole reason that can lead to your phone screen flickering. Other common causes include:

  • Issues with the display panel of your device.
  • Software glitches or problematic apps.
  • Physical damage due to dropping your phone.
  • Hardware issues such as a faulty built-in component.
  • Your phone has been exposed to water damage.
  • Long-term usage of your phone can affect the screen display.

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10 Fixes for Xiaomi Phone Flickering Issue

The initial step in resolving the issue at hand is determining whether it originates from software or hardware. Typically, software issues can be resolved through troubleshooting or software updates. However, if it’s hardware-related, such as screen damage, you may need to replace the screen or seek help from a professional technician.

1. Reboot Your Phone

Troubleshooting should always start with basic methods. If you’ve been using your device for a while and can’t recall any physical damage, but have recently encountered issues, especially within certain apps, it’s likely a software glitch or application bug.

Most CPU-intensive games consume significant system resources and may even cause screen flickering. When this occurs, immediately quit all running processes and applications, and even reboot your device. Doing so helps clear the memory, leading to a smoother user experience, improved performance, and resolution of system-related issues.

  1. Hold down the Power button for approximately 5 seconds.
  2. Drag the slider down to Reboot.
  3. Alternatively, you can drag the slider up to Power off.
Power off
Drag the slider to Power off
  1. Once the device is completely shut off, hold down the Power button again to reboot it.

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2. Enable Anti-Flicker Mode

Xiaomi is well-aware of the drawbacks that come with OLED displays. For this reason, it features an Anti-flicker mode to help bypass the screen flickering. It works by stabilizing the current or voltage supplied to the OLED pixels, thereby reducing flickering issues that may occur, especially at lower brightness levels.

  1. Go to Settings > Display & brightness > Anti-flicker mode.
Anti-flicker mode
Go to Anti-flicker Mode
  1. There, select the Anti-flicker option.

3. Turn Off Auto-Brightness

If you’ve enabled auto-brightness, your device adjusts the display illumination based on light sensor data. However, this could be problematic for those experiencing screen flickering when the brightness fluctuates. This issue typically arises from damage to the internal display components. In such cases, it’s best to disable the auto-brightness feature and keep your display at a constant brightness level.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and go to Display & brightness.
  3. There, toggle off Automatic brightness and Sunlight mode.
Toggle off Automatic brightness & Sunlight mode

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4. Disable Reading Mode

Another quick fix for the stated issue is to disable reading mode or blue light filter in your Xiaomi phone. Such features adjust the color temperature of the screen to reduce the amount of blue light emitted, which can strain the eyes, especially during nighttime use.

However, this adjustment requires additional processing power from the device, causing screen flickering issues if the device is already struggling with performance. Disabling it conserves resources like processing power and memory, which can help stabilize the device’s performance and potentially alleviate screen flickering.

  1. Go to Settings > Display & brightness > Reading mode.
reading mode
Go to Reading mode
  1. There, toggle off Reading mode.
Xiaomi Phone Flickering Issue
Toggle off Reading mode

5. Run Your Device in Safe Mode

A quick way to determine whether screen flickering results from physical damage or software conflicts is to run your device in Safe mode. This diminishes background activity and limits third-party apps and services.

If the flickering stops once you enter Safe mode, return to the regular smartphone experience and begin by updating all installed apps. If that doesn’t prove effective, try uninstalling apps one-by-one to identify the problematic program.

  1. To enter Safe mode on Xiaomi phones, press the Power button and Volume up button simultaneously, then drag the slider to Power off your device.
Power off
Drag the slider to Power off
  1. Once shut down, long-press the Power button and Volume up button.
  2. When the Xiaomi logo appears on the screen, release the Power button and continue holding the Volume up button.
  3. This will display the Recovery Mode Main Menu. Use the Volume down button to navigate to Safe Mode and select it with the Power button.
MIUI Recovery Mode
Select Safe Mode
  1. You may exit Safe mode by simply Rebooting your device.

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6. Update Your OS

Many Xiaomi users were able to resolve this error by updating their operating system to the latest available version. These newer updates include patch fixes for widely reported issues. Since Xiaomi itself acknowledged the phone flickering issue, it’s only a matter of time before the developers roll out a comprehensive fix. So, keep an eye out for an update and install it immediately.

  1. Go to Settings > About phone.
Xiaomi Phone Flickering Issue
Go to About Phone
  1. Tap on Update if a new version is available.

7. Disable Hardware Overlay

If flickering occurs only during intensive graphic tasks, consider disabling hardware overlay. Your phone dynamically decides whether to use the CPU or GPU for rendering graphics. While this transition is typically smooth, a damaged or problematic device may struggle with image layering, leading to flickering caused by a minor delay between tasks when the phone has nothing to display.

Disabling hardware overlay directs the task solely to the GPU, stabilizing the display output and potentially resolving the flickering issue.

This option is not directly accessible in Settings. Only proceed if you’re comfortable using Developer options.

  1. Go to Settings > About phone.
  2. Tap on the OS version repeatedly (around 7 times) until a “You are now a developer!” message appears.
Enable Developers Mode
Tap on OS version 7 times
  1. Go back to the main page and navigate to Additional settings > Developer options.
Xiaomi Phone Flickering Issue
Go to Developers option
  1. Scroll to the Hardware accelerated rendering section and toggle on Disable HW Overlays.
Xiaomi Phone Flickering Issue
Toggle on HW Overlay
This will force the phone to rely on GPU rendering and thus consume extra power.

  1. Exit the mode by toggling off Developer options at the very top.
Disable Developers Moed
Toggle off Developer options

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8. Clear Cache

All programs store cache to retrieve data quickly for consecutive use. While this is helpful, the cache can become corrupted when storage is full, hindering device performance and causing unknown glitches. If this is the reason behind screen flickering, clearing the cache memory will likely resolve the issue.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps.
Apps Settings
Go to Manage apps
  1. Select each application and tap Clear data.
  2. Choose Clear all data or Clear cache.
App cache
Tap on Clear all data or Clear cache

In addition, you can also clear the cache partition, which stores temporary, obsolete, and residual files your phone may need in the future. Doing so will clear up memory of the entire system, optimizing resources and resolving screen flickering.

  1. Launch the Cleaner app.
  2. Go through each category to select the files you assume would be safe to remove.
  3. Tap Clean up to get rid of the data.
Xiaomi Cleaner app
Tap on Clean up

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9. Factory Reset Your Device

Clearing cache and memory is safe and does not delete important media and data on your phone. However, if the problem persists, it’s time to consider factory resetting your Xiaomi device. This action will erase all data and configured settings, restoring your device to its default state.

Remember to backup your data or transfer it to an external drive before proceeding.

  1. Go to Settings > About phone > Factory Reset.
  2. Tap on Erase all data and choose Factory Reset.
Factory Reset
Tap on Erase all data
  1. Wait for security countdown to finish then tap Next.
  2. Again, wait for the countdown to finish then tap OK.

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10. Go to a Professional or Expert

If you recently dropped your phone, exposed it to water or moisture, or damaged it in any way, the display may have been affected. You can verify this by dialing the code #*#*6484*#*# on your Xiaomi smartphone to run diagnostics for the touch sensor, display, light sensor, and flicker sensor.

If you suspect internal panel damage or malfunctioning screen pixels, it’s likely a hardware issue. In this case, contacting Xiaomi customer service to schedule an inspection is recommended. Repair or replacement may be the only option to salvage the functionality of your display at this point.


There’s a significant cost involved in opting for screen repair or replacement options, even if no hardware fault is found after inspection. Hence, it’s worth trying these methods first. While Xiaomi smartphones may not be the best in the market, they don’t compromise on manufacturing quality.

Issues like screen flickering can arise due to the delicacy of internal components, which can malfunction at any time, sometimes without a clear reason. But don’t fret! Screen flickering does not signal the end of your phone’s life. There are solutions available to address the issue and restore normal functionality.

Xiaomi Phone Flickering Issue

What does screen flickering look like?

When your phone screen flickers, you will see rapid and continuous flashing, often displaying patterns or stripes of primary colors. This can cause discomfort and make it difficult to discern the content on the screen.

Should I be concerned about my phone screen flickering?

Screen flickering can be caused by incompatible software, faulty cables, or hardware issues. Fortunately, it can be fixed by disabling auto-brightness and blue light filters, updating apps and software, clearing up storage, or getting a screen replacement.

Does overheating cause screen flickering?

Screen flickering can indeed be caused by overheating of your device or when resource consumption is at its maximum. To prevent this, make sure to move to a cooler environment, remove the case (if necessary), quit running programs and services, clear up storage, and avoid dust accumulation in the charging port and speakers by regularly cleaning them.


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