Mi Mix Fold 3’s Leak Images Tease a Leica Camera System and Curved Screens

Last month, Xiaomi released the first teaser for its upcoming foldable, the Mi Mix Fold 3, and now, courtesy of Weibo user, 科技怪咖, we have our first look at the device, and its packaging. Take a look at it down below:

Mi Mix Fold 3 | Weibo

We know that the phone will officially be released later this year, but this leak seems to confirm quite a bit of things. For starters, it’ll maintain the same aspect ratio as the Fold 2, and will come with a curved screen from both sides.

In addition to all this, Xiaomi will be utilizing its Smart Factory for the production of the Mi Mix Fold 3, which is essentially the company’s ‘fully automated high precision assembly line.’ This will make sure that the phone is better built than it’s predecessors.

Moving forward, a previous leak seemed to confirmed that the phone will come equipped with a Leica-branded camera system, much like the Fold 2. As for the back of the phone, this leak doesn’t give us anything regarding that. However, what we do have is a rough image of it’s packaging. Take a look down below:

Fold 3’s Packaging | Weibo

There isn’t anything fancy about the box, but hey, at least Xiaomi puts a bit of an effort into its packaging. Also, notice the Leica branding? Well, it seems to coincide with the leaks from last month. But, that is ALL we know for now. We will make sure to keep you updated as new information becomes available.

via: Weibo


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