How to Fix Too Much Noise in Xiaomi Camera [2024 Update]

Key Takeaways
  • Loud noises from a Xiaomi phone during use might be due to the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system, which can produce slight noises as it moves parts to stabilize the image.
  • If the noise is excessively loud or if there's visible shaking in photos, the phone's OIS might be damaged, requiring professional inspection or replacement.
  • To prevent OIS damage, avoid excessive shaking and impact, such as from riding on bumpy roads, and handle the device carefully.

Xiaomi users have recently taken to the Internet to find the cause behind their phone making loud noises when in use. This can raise several questions for those unfamiliar with how cameras work on a phone or in the worst scenario might indicate something faulty. That’s why in this article, we will look into the Xiaomi Camera too much noise issue and provide you with the answers you need. So, let’s jump in!

The purpose of Image Stabilization

Understanding Image Stabilization

To properly understand the causes behind these strange noises, we’ll first have to look into how phone cameras stabilize images. Image stabilization is a common feature in phone cameras that helps prevent blurry photos and shaky videos. It works by steadying the camera against hand movements or vibrations that can mess up image quality, ensuring your shots don’t shake as much as you do.

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How OIS Helps in Image Stabilization

OIS is a hardware solution that is integrated into mobile devices to prevent blurry photos. OIS uses a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) gyroscope which detects your hand movements and adjusts the camera accordingly. This means that if you are holding your smartphone and your hand moves to the right, OIS will detect this and will physically shift lens elements to the left as counteract.

OIS vs EIS – Made by Google

As the OIS physically moves the components of a camera to provide image stabilization, it can often produce slight noise when performing in the background. In fact, if you shake your phone you can even hear the parts move around but don’t do it too much as it can cause damage.

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Other Types of Image Stabilization

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and Hybrid Image Stabilization (HIS) are two additional methods used to stabilize images in cameras, including smartphones.

  • EIS relies on software algorithms to analyze footage and digitally smooth out any motion blur. While effective in reducing shake, it may not offer the same level of stability as OIS, especially in fast-moving or unpredictable scenarios.
  • HIS combines the best of both OIS and EIS by integrating hardware and software solutions. HIS offers enhanced stabilization capabilities by utilizing sensor data and software processing, particularly in challenging shooting conditions.

Reasons For Xiaomi Camera Too Much Noise

Now that you know how OIS works, it should be clear that the slight noise you keep hearing is probably due to your phone’s OIS. Additionally, to provide autofocus in phone cameras the lens also moves within a magnetic field when the camera is in use.

Reasons that can damage your camera

If the two are just what you are facing then there’s no need to worry as this type of movement is entirely normal. However, if the noise is particularly loud and you can see a slight shaking in your photos, there is a chance that your phone’s OIS has been damaged, causing strange sounds during the operation.

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How to Fix Xiaomi Camera Too Much Noise

If you are experiencing excessive noise from your Xiaomi camera, the only thing you can do is get your OIS checked to make sure that the sound isn’t primarily coming from the OIS system. If it is, the best thing you can do is have it replaced by either visiting an authorized Xiaomi store or contacting customer support to guide you around.

Visit the Xiaomi website to find authorized Mi stores

↪ How To Prevent Damage of OIS

One of the most common reasons why OIS systems break in phones is due to excessive and violent shaking. For instance, if you regularly travel on a motorbike and record your journey on shaky roads, the continuous ups and downs can cause serious damage to the OIS system. Hence, we always recommend carefully using the image stabilization feature and trying your best to prevent the camera from being dropped.

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Wrapping Up

Hearing loud noises from a mobile phone is never a good sign. While phone cameras do make slight adjustments to function properly which can cause small sounds, too much noise can be a sign of a faulty OIS. So, we recommend getting your phone checked to fix any hardware-related issues. Always handle your device with care to avoid such issues in the future.


Do software updates affect the performance of Xiaomi Cameras?

Yes, software updates can affect the performance of Xiaomi cameras. These updates often include improvements to image processing algorithms and autofocus capabilities, potentially enhancing overall camera performance.

How to find the nearest official Xiaomi store near me?

To find the nearest official Xiaomi store, simply search for ‘Xiaomi store near me.’ A page titled ‘Where to buy’ should appear. Click on the page, and authorized Xiaomi stores near your location will be displayed.

How does Pro mode work in Xiaomi phones?

In Xiaomi phones, Pro mode provides manual control over various camera settings such as ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and focus. Users can adjust these settings to fine-tune their photography, allowing for more creative control and the ability to capture images in challenging lighting conditions or specific artistic preferences.


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