Intel Xe2 ‘Battlemage’ GPUs to Arrive in 2024, Confirmed by New Roadmap

An official roadmap from Intel reassures that the Battlemage lineup of discrete GPUs will launch in 2024. This is some much-needed confirmation since we have barely heard anything about Battlemage, from Intel and leakers alike.

Xe2 Battlemage Planned for 2024

Intel’s long-awaited Meteor Lake Core Ultra CPUs hit shelves a few days ago. Intel shared a Client PC roadmap at the Japanese reveal event of these processors, suggesting that Battlemage is still planned for 2024.

The exact launch date or quarter has not been specified, however, Intel does confirm that their next generation of dedicated GPUs are being prepared for a 2024 launch.

Intel Client PC Roadmap | Intel via 4Gamer

Alongside Battlemage, we see a few other notable mentions. A particular one of these is Arrow Lake, which will be a significant architectural leap from Raptor Lake Refresh. In the GPU row, we find Intel’s newly launched Arc A580 GPU, in addition to other desktop counterparts.

While not mentioned, Xe or Alchemist will see a slight refresh in the form of Xe-LPG+ or Alchemist+. This new upgraded architecture will be part of Arrow Lake’s iGPU. Likewise, Lunar Lake (iGPU) is said to use Xe2 or Battlemage, whose desktop variations we should see as soon as next year. Celestial will follow with future Intel processors.

Intel has faced a lot of problems with its Alchemist release on desktop, chiefly due to immature software. However, since its inception, we have seen a significant boost in performance and stability. In fact, Meteor Lake gives serious competition to AMD’s Phoenix in the graphics department. Anyhow, if a launch/announcement is imminent, expect to see more leaks and rumors very soon.

Source: 4Gamer


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