Microsoft Explores New Graphics Options to Decrease Power Consumption

Recently, Xbox has been attempting to reduce the power consumption of its consoles, including significant improvements to the Xbox Series X and S to make the systems function more effectively. Apparently, now, it appears that Microsoft may even be willing to offer game performance-altering settings in an effort to cut battery consumption.

According to Windows Central, a recent survey in the Windows 10 Xbox Insider App revealed the company’s intentions to compromise graphic fidelity and performance. The survey shows that Microsoft wants to give players an option that uses less energy than fully utilizing resources by running games at full speed. It also shows that Microsoft is working toward its goal of having net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

An updated survey in the Xbox Insider software for Windows PCs examines users’ views on saving power. Several questions in the survey probe respondents’ level of concern about their own energy consumption. The potential of allowing a game to perform worse in order to consume less processing power and hence use less energy was mentioned as a major downfall to saving power.

Energy Saver mode, which consumes 0.5 watts of power while in standby, is now the default setting for all new Xbox consoles, as of March 2022. Compared to Instant-On mode, which keeps the console in a hibernated condition and starts up very quickly when it’s turned on, but consumes 13 watts of power, this option is far more eco-friendly. Ever since Microsoft has made Energy Saver mode even more appealing by allowing gamers to download updates while in Energy Saver mode and by reducing the console’s launch time.

With the best Xbox and PC games continuously competing to one-up each other in terms of graphics, it’s unlikely that players will want to adapt a mode that will slow down a game while they’re playing it. However, in these hard times, with rising energy prices, sacrifices must be made.


Farhan Ali

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