World War 3 Fetching Data Timeout Error? Try these fixes

How to Fix Timeout Error on World War 3?

Players have been timing out while trying to connect to World War 3 servers. The game displays a timeout state when the game is fetching data from the servers which prevents the users from actually being able to play the game. As it turns out, the issue in question seems to be caused by OpenSSL which either causes a crash or incorrect Secure Hash Algorithm values on the processor. This is a known bug and it has been fixed a few years ago. In this article, we will be taking you through the process and showing you how to resolve this problem so just follow through.

World War 3 Timeout Error

As it turns out, World War 3 has just been released in a closed beta state. Since the game is in closed beta, it is obvious that there are going to be issues that players will face while trying out the game such as the ServerAttached Timeout error.. Closed betas are really helpful for developers to track down the bugs and issues that might be affecting users that may have gone unnoticed during the testing phase. The timeout error seems to be caused for users that are running an Intel processor in their setup. However, not to worry, as the problem is pretty easy to resolve. Before we get into that, let us first go through why the issue is actually being caused.

What is causing the World War 3 Timeout Error?

As we touched on it earlier, the problem is caused by a bug with OpenSSL. As it turns out, OpenSSL is often used for HTTP transmissions and for chat via XMPP. Thus, multiplayer games are really affected by this problem since they need to send and receive player details often. 

Now, as we have mentioned, this problem was solved a few years ago. However, if a game is built upon a version of Unreal Engine that has this bug, it will affect the game ultimately as well. What essentially happens is that this bug can either cause a crash or incorrect SHA, also known as Secure Hash Algorithm, which is basically used to keep data secure, values on Intel processors. This might sound difficult but the workaround here is actually pretty simple and easy. So, with that said, let us get started and show you how to resolve the problem in question. 

Create an Environmental Variable

In order to fix the timeout error, what you are going to need to do is to create an environmental variable in your Windows operating system. As obvious from the name, environmental variables are essentially variables that describe your environment. This can affect the way processes that are running behave on your computer. The environment is essentially where the processes are running.

We will be creating an environmental variable that will basically control the enabling of features. Once the variable has been created, it will disable OpenSSL code checks for the SHA files and thus a different code path is executed which does not contain the bug which causes it to crash. To create the environmental variable, simply follow the instructions that are given down below:

  1. First of all, go ahead and open up Windows Settings by pressing Windows key + I on your keyboard.
    Windows Settings
  2. Once the Settings window is up, go to System and then at the bottom, click on the About option provided.
    Navigating to About in System Settings
  3. After that, click on the Advanced system settings option provided.
    Opening up Advanced System Settings
  4. This will open up a new window called System Properties. Here, click on the Environment Variables button provided.
    Advanced System Settings
  5. Under System variables, click on the New button.
    Creating a New System Variable
  6. On the new dialog box that appears, put OPENSSL_ia32cap as the Variable Name. Follow it up by copy pasting the “~0x200000200000000” in the Variable Value box without the quotation marks.
    Creating OpenSSL Environment Variable
  7. Once you have done that, click on the OK button.
  8. Click OK on the remaining windows as well to finish up the addition of the environment variable. 
  9. After doing all of that, go ahead and restart your computer.
  10. As your PC boots up, try to play the game again and it should now work properly without giving you the timeout error.

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