What LML Means

The meaning of ‘LML’ cannot be confined to one meaning. It is used for two different full forms. ‘Laugh Mad Loud’ and ‘Love My Life’.  Used as internet slang on social media networks and texting apps.

You might get confused when you read ‘LML’ somewhere to understand what it means here. However, you don’t need to be confused because there are certain ways through which you can recognize the context in which ‘LML’ has been used in any sentence.

What does Laugh Mad Loud mean?

Just like ‘LOL’, which means ‘Laugh Out Loud’, you can use ‘LML’ where means Laugh Mad Loud. This is used when you find something super funny. And since LOL has been used repeatedly over all these years, there is always time for more improvising versions of these acronyms. So if you want to say LOL the next time, you might just want to use the acronym ‘LML’ instead.

Let’s take a look at some new examples of how you can replace LOL with ‘LML’.

Example for ‘Laugh Mad Loud’

Example 1:

Friend 1: (cracks a funny joke)

Friend 2: LML! That was so funny! Let me send this to Elsa.

Here, we can recognize that the conversation is revolving around a joke and humour. And the use of ‘LML’ here adds the expression that friend number 2 thoroughly enjoyed the joke.

This is just how you would say ‘LOL’ instead of ‘LML’.  For instance, “LOL! That was so funny! Let me send this to Elsa.”.

LOL and LML can be used as alternatives in context to ‘Laugh Mad Loud’ only.

Example 2:

Jenny: Just look at my dog.

(sends a funny image of her dog.)

Ivy: LML! You’ve got a funny dog there! What is he!

LML for Love My Life

It is a basic expression to show how much you love your life. Just how you express the hatred for it when you go through something not so good, or use acronyms like ‘FML’ and ‘HML’, which means ‘F*** My Life’ and ‘Hate My Life’ respectively. Similarly, if you love your life and want to express it through words, LML is the key to it.

LML means ‘Love My Life’ and can used on the social media forums as hash tags to pictures that you upload or the status’ that you put up.

Examples for ‘LML’ for Love My Life

Example 1

You put up a picture of you vacation-ing somewhere in Europe. And this is your status for it:

“Vacation 2018! #LML

Three alphabet can express what you feel about your trip. And this isn’t the only way that you can use LML on social networks. You can even use this acronym while messaging.

Example 2

Tex: What you up to man?

DJ: I’m not in the country, out for work.

Tex: You lucky man!

DJ: LML man! LML!

Example 3

Group chat on Whats App

B: H you didn’t tell us you got a promotion.

H: I am sorry guys, I was so caught up with work.

J: Congratulations! The hard work paid off.

H: Thank! And yes it did! LML, every bit!

Here, LML again is used to express the happiness one feels to see their life right on track or sees their life working just how they had wanted it to. And who would love their life when they get a promotion?

Basic Difference between LML for Laugh Mad Loud and LML for Love My Life

It is super simple to differentiate the two LML acronyms that are commonly used on the internet. LML for Laugh Mad Loud is mostly related to when you find something hilarious and want to express it through this slang. Whereas, LML for Love My Life, is just to express the contentment or the happiness you feel when you are happy with your life.

To understand these acronyms better, you can remember this trick which helped me identity which LML shows what.

LML for Laugh Mad Loud is a replacement for ‘LOL’, while on the other hand, LML is the opposite of the acronym ‘FML’. I have used the examples for LOL and FML here because these are a few of the most commonly used internet slangs and are understood easily by the social network addicts.

If you still can’t make the difference. Here is another  way to recognize which LML is for Laugh Mad Loud and which one is for Love My Life.

Contemplate the Text Thoroughly before Deciding which LML is being used

Now here is what you need to know:

  • Is it a joke? Or a serious topic?
  • Can you place LOL where LML is written?
  • Does LOL make sense here? If it does, then it’s for Laugh Mad Loud. And if it doesn’t, it is for Love My Life.
  • If LML is in context to Love My Life, analyse whether the person who has used is talking in an achievement/gratified sort of manner or otherwise.

Hopefully, these will help you identify the Laugh LML and the Life LML.


Habiba Rehman

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