What is: WCW ‘Women Crush Wednesday’

‘WCW’ stands for ‘women crush Wednesday’. Used mostly on social networking forums to pay a sort of tribute to the women you are impressed with. This is done by adding hash tags like #WCW under pictures or videos of your favourite women.

Using any abbreviation is one of the most trending ways of the social media era. Where short forms, or ‘texting slang’ as we call it, is often used as a replacement of the original word. And WCW is another famous trend being witnessed on social media.

For a layman, WCW could have multiple meanings unless he or she is aware of what is being discussed around that hash tag.

When I looked for #WCW online, the first idea I got was World Champion Wrestling. Which is quite opposite to the trend that #WCW has created over the various social networks.

It’s Wednesday today, and Wednesdays, according to the new ‘hash tag’ trend, are dedicated to all the women out there that you appreciate, or like, or love, or just simply respect. That is why it is called ‘Women Crush Wednesday’ a.k.a   #WCW.

How it All Began

As we all know, ‘hash tags’ is one of the best forms of starting a trend, especially on social media forums like Instagram or Facebook. You add one single hash tag under your post, and there you just created a trend. Similarly, #WCW was a trend initiated on the same forums and became a ‘day’ where people, including men and women, share posts about their favourite women around them, around the world, whether famous or not, and dedicate their post to them and their efforts.

It is in a way, a reminder for all the women out there that they are loved and appreciated by so many, even if the opportunities in the professional world that they get in comparison to the opposite gender is very low, they are still doing great.

It is more of a weekly pattern which is followed by all genders. They pick a picture of their favourite woman for the week, which could be pretty much anyone. It could be your sister, mother, a famous celebrity or even a political figure. The point for this specific hash tag is to make these women feel worth it and to let them know that their work has been recognized by people.

Every person likes, in fact, loves to be publicly applauded for their work. And dedicating a whole day, every week for women, is just the motivation we need to keep them going.

And it is not necessary that you have to recognize someone who has achieved something huge in their life or has accomplished a milestone to gain the popularity. It simply could be any important woman in your life, even if you haven’t spoken to them but find them fascinating somehow, and would want them to know this, then Wednesday would be the best day for you to do it because its #womencrushwednesday .

Just how ‘Wednesdays’ are dedicated to women by the social media culture, for all the men out there, Monday is their day. #MCM that stands for Man Crush Monday. And if you actually take a closer look at the acronym, WCW is a stem of MCM, or vice versa. The M’s and the W’s in both the hash tags can be linked.

Is the Hash Tag limited to Human Females?

Well, according to the trends that have been witnessed, no, people don’t dedicate their Wednesday posts ‘just’ for human females. Some use it to show love for their female pets, favourite female cartoon characters, and some even make it sound funny by dedicating the post for a lady statue, like someone on twitter dedicated their #womencrushwednesday to the statue of liberty, which seemed a bit funny.

How Can You be a Part of This Trend?

It is super easy to become a part of this hash tag trend.  All you need to do is select an amazing picture of the women you are appreciating through your post. Add it to the social forum you want to post it on, like it could be Facebook, Instagram, or even Tumblr. If you want, you can post it on pretty much all the social networks you are currently using. Now you just need to add the hash tag #WCW or #WomenCrushWednesday under the picture in the description space. And post!

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

And it doesn’t need to be just a picture, you can even use videos for this.

Don’t miss out on your chance to show your love for women who attract you through their looks, personality or work. Let them be celebrated. Their efforts usually are gone unnoticed and this is your chance to make them feel like we it owe it all to them.

So, to all the strong women out there, who have been vulnerable but are still standing strong, you are my woman crush. #WCW

Let’s make our Wednesdays count.


Habiba Rehman

Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.