What Is The Meaning of ‘Come At Me Bro’?

‘Come At Me Bro’ is an expression which can be written as ‘try me’ as well. It is usually used as a quarrelsome expression where you are telling the other person to come at you. This means that you don’t want to initiate the fight, but if are fought or are attacked by someone, you will be ready to fight back. Many young adults use ‘Come At Me Bro’ on social networking discussions and on text messaging as well.

How to use ‘Come At Me Bro’

Since it is used in a situation where you are in an argument with a friend or a stranger, or are in a situation where you might get into a fight, you can use it in such scenarios. And because it is a very commonly used phrase, people have made funny ‘memes’ of this expression, pairing it up with a picture of someone standing with his arms wide open. Like you would do, when telling someone on the face to ‘Come At Me Bro’.

Come At Me Bro Memes

It is very funny how people have used a phrase which is mostly used for serious situations, making it now sound hilarious and making you laugh instead.

It is not important that you use this phrase ‘only’ for fierce situations. To add a little humour to incidents, for example, a fight with your friend maybe or someone close to you, you can say ‘Come At Me Bro’ and make them laugh instead of them getting angry at you.

Origin of ‘Come At Me Bro’

The phrase ‘Come At Me Bro’ became very popular after Ronnie, from the show ‘Jersey Shore’, used this phrase when a person taunted him. And ever since, the phrase has become so famous, with so many people using it.

Examples of ‘Come At Me Bro’

Example 1

Lauren: I am not in a good mood. Just go away James.
James: I can’t take your stupid attitude for no reason.
Lauren: You want to fight? Okay, Come At Me Bro, let’s see how this goes.
James: You are just weird.

Example 2

Situation: You are walking on the sidewalk, and someone walking in the opposite direction pushes you as they walk past you. Instead of apologizing, they get angry at you for not looking and walking and for making them spill their coffee that they had in their hand.

Person: watch your step man.
You: Excuse me? Are you talking to me?
(Person gives you a look)
Person: Yes you man, are you bling?
You: You walked  into me, and you’re asking me if I am blind? Is this your way of not accepting your mistake?
Person: Shut up man.
You: Oh no you shut up man, come at me and I am gonna come back at you bro.

Here, you can see the use of come at me bro twice. You can obviously edit the placement of words according to your situation. Instead of using just ‘Come At Me Bro’, you can say ‘Come at me’ or ‘Come back at you bro’. Which is you telling them if they are going to come at you, or fight you (in simpler words), you are going to fight them back, and not give in just because they are trying to bully you or scare you.

Example 3

This example is more on a lighter note. When you and your friend fight, you don’t just fight on that serious level, as shown in example 2.

Peyton: Stop doing that.
Hillary: What?
Peyton: Stop poking your foot on mine.
Hillary: I won’t stop. I like annoying you.
Peyton: I am serious, stop it right now.
Hillary: Or what?
Peyton: Or you’ll see.
Hillary: Come at me girl, we will see.
Peyton: (Throws ice cold water on her and laughs)
Hillary: OH MY GOD. Youuuuu…

‘Come At Me Bro’ is more like a boy thing because of the word ‘bro’ used in it. You can change the word ‘bro’ and replace it with ‘girl’ or ‘man’ or whatever it is you want to call the other person in that moment.

Example 4

Situation: You are in school, and a bully tries to push you down the stairs. Once you are off of the stairs, you turn back and tell the bully this:

You: Come at me one more time.

This is like you warning them and daring them to do it one more time and to face the consequences that follow.

You can also use it in a fun way, for example, you and your friends are chilling in the park, and one of your friends keeps dodging you with a bottle of water with the intention of throwing water at you. You can tell her ‘come at me bro, I won’t leave you if you do’. Or simply just say ‘Come At Me Bro’. It doesn’t need an additional phrase attached to it.


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