What is NVM Abbreviated for?

The abbreviation NVM stands for ‘Never Mind’. It is popularly used when in conversation over the social networks or when text messaging. NVM is used when you want the other person to forget what they asked or basically ignore the last comment that they made.

When can you use NVM?

Acronyms like NVM and those which are more casual in nature can be used on social media forums and text chats. Often used with the people you know or have a close relationship with. And of course, with people who know the meaning of this internet slang.

However, you should not use NVM when talking to your boss, your clients or anyone who is related to you in a professional way.

And, from what I have seen, including what I usually do, people use it when the other person does not understand what they are asking tor trying to explain, and then when they reach the point where they cannot explain it to them anymore, they are like ‘NVM’.

Is it NVM or nvm?

It is used in both, the upper and the lower case. So whether you write it as NVM or nvm, the meaning will not shift.

How can you use it?

Let’s look at a few examples for NVM which will give you a better insight of how the acronym can be used in a normal conversation and how it should not be used in a professional conversation.

Let’s take a look at a few examples which can help you understand the usage of NVM in internet conversation.

Examples of NVM

Example 1

You are in the middle of a fight with your friend, who cannot understand your perspective of doing what you did. You tried to explain it to her a hundred times, but she just would not agree. So out of irritation, you would probably just message her ‘NVM’ and end the conversation there.

Here, in this example, NVM has been used as a word which would simply end a conversation. You can use it in this sense as well.

Example 2

Friend 1: Hey, do you think I could use your tablet today? I need to do something.

Friend 2: Hi, I am so sorry, I just sent it to the shop to get fixed, it wasn’t working right.

Friend 1: NVM

Here, NVM is used more like a ‘it’s okay forget it’ kind of a way. Which is how I usually use it.

Example 3

Jen messages Taylor

Jen: T ? Give me the answer for question 3.

(after 5 minutes)

Jen: T? Where are you? I need the answer man!

(After an hour)

Jen: NVM.

In this example, Taylor was either away or just couldn’t reply to Jen. It often happens with us when we message someone, they are not available at that time. Either they are busy with work or occupied at home. And when in such a moment, you need to ask them something or need to know something from them and they are not available, and don’t get a response, NVM can be used to just make them ignore the question you asked because you wanted the answer an hour ago not now.

I usually write NVM in such a situation when I have asked my friend something a day ago, and they reply after a day asking ‘what’. To which I am like ‘NVM’. Like really, I needed to know yesterday friend, not today.

Example 4

Situation: You and your friend are in a library, working on your projects.

D: I can’t open this link, can you try it?

T: Yeah email it to me.

D: sent.

(After a while, the link opens on your laptop)

D: It has opened. NVM.

Here, the friend D has used NVM , telling the other friend to not try opening the link because she opened it already. You can use NVM in this sense as well.

Example 5

Situation: You and your mother are going out for a lunch. You help her clean the whole house. And when you are about to leave, your mother asks you if you out the laundry for drying.

Mother: Did you put the laundry for drying?

You: Oh, no, I forgot. Wait I’ll do it in five minutes and come.

Mother: NVM, we are already late.

Who wouldn’t want to hear a NVM to house chores? Yes, I would like to ignore the work that was given to me (joke intended).

Example 6

NVM can be used perfectly during fights. It can also be used when you are upset with a friend and don’t want to talk to her. For instance, your friend cancelled the hangout plan for last week. And this week, you messaged her again to hang out, and instead of waiting for her answer, you message NVM because she took just too long to reply and you had actually forgotten that you weren’t talking to her for ditching you last week.


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