What is: Ninite?

It is pretty common to install various different software on your computer. There are a ton of applications that are useful in many different ways. We have Skype for Voice/Video calls or messages. We also have a ton of antivirus programs. There are browsers, IDEs and lots of other things. We usually download and install these programs one by one. For example, if you installed a fresh copy of Windows or bought a new computer then you would like to have all the applications on the new system. Since you are used to Google Chrome, Skype, and various other programs, you will download them one by one. Although this isn’t a tiresome process, but it can be a bit frustrating especially if you install all of these programs in one sitting. There are a lot of options that you have to go through during the installation process. The setup process for applications isn’t a complicated process but it does require you to interact more than a couple of times and it can waste a lot of your time. This is where the Ninite comes in.

Ninite: What is it?

Ninite is a tool specifically designed to install multiple programs in one sitting. Now, you must be a little confused at this. How can a tool install different programs on your computer? Well, what you have to do is to select the programs that you want to install on your system. Ninite then downloads a single package of all of those applications and installs them. In other words, you get a single package that contains all of your application setups. What this means is that you don’t have to run multiple setups in order to install multiple programs. All you have to do is to run the single package installer. You can simply go to the Ninite website, select the programs and just click download. The rest will be taken care of.

Ninite: Is it safe?

Since you are using a third party tool to download and install the applications, you must be concerned about the security issues. The good thing about Ninite is that it is reliable and trustworthy. A lot of people and companies use Ninite for bulk installations since this is where it makes a huge difference. Ninite downloads the application installers from the official websites and you will always get the most recent and stable version of the application. This ensures that you will always get a legitimate installer no matter what. So, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the installers. The people behind Ninite are very quick in updating their program to deliver latest program versions.

Ninite: What does it offer?

What Ninite offers is a way to save time and effort at very reasonable prices. Ninite not only downloads all the selected applications but it also takes care of the updates of the applications which is another plus point of Ninite. This, again, saves a lot of time and effort when it comes to companies that have to handle 100s of computers. You won’t be wasting your time in installing the applications nor will you spend countless minutes in updating the installed programs. Ninite will handle all both of these things for you.

Lastly, Ninite not just saves the time, that otherwise would have been wasted in the installation option screens, it also makes sure that there aren’t any adware getting installed with the program as well. You must have seen programs that automatically installs adware. They usually don’t even give an option to deselect these adware or suspicious extensions. And, even if they do, these options are pretty easy to miss. So, Ninite also gets rid of this problem as well. With Ninite, you don’t have to worry about the adware that comes with the program installation setup. Ninite will automatically ignore all the adware or other suspicious programs during the installation process of these applications.

Ninite: Benefits

Although we have given you a good idea about the benefits and features of Ninite, but here is a list of what the Ninite will provide you

  • Simple to use and starts working as soon as you download it
  • You don’t have to go through the option selection screens. It automatically installs the programs with default settings and at default locations.
  • No extra junk or adware will be installed. Ninite makes sure of that
  • Ninite automatically detects whether your system is a 64-bit system or a 32-bit system and installs the programs suitable for that bit version
  • Ninite installs the apps in your computers language. So, you don’t have to worry about that as well.
  • Ninite always downloads the latest or the most stable version of the application.
  • The reboot requests at the end of the installation is also taken care of
  • Applications are downloaded from their official website which means they are authentic
  • Applications that are already installed are skipped

Ninite: How to use it

It is pretty straightforward to use Ninite. The steps on how to use Ninite are given below

  1. Go here
  2. Click on the checkboxes for applications that you want to install
  3. Scroll down and select Get your Ninite. This will download your customized installer

  1. Once the installer is downloaded, simply run it. Everything will be handled by Ninite

Ninite: Price

Ninite is very affordable which makes it suitable for everyone. There are 2 versions of Ninite

Ninite Free Version: There is a free Ninite version. This version will be available on the official homepage of Ninite. If you simply select the applications that you want to install and click Get Ninite, you will get the free version. Ninite free version lacks the auto update feature and doesn’t support multiple machines. There are a lot more features in Pro version but these are the major ones. So, if you are looking for these features then checkout their Pro version.

Ninite Pro Version: There is a Ninite Pro version available on their website as well. Ninite Pro version have a lot more features and suited for people who wants to work on multiple machines. Ninite Pro provides a downloadable Ninite Pro Agent that will help you manage the installation on other machines, auto updates and lots of other features. Ninite Pro is a subscription based program that will charge you on the basis of your machines. But, to give an idea, they charge $35/month for 50 machines. This version also has a 14 day free trial to help you get the feel of Pro version.

Ninite: Official Website

Click here to go Ninite’s official website.


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