What is HGH – When and Why is it Used?

HGH means Haters gonna hate. It is a catchphrase used by the youth either as a joke or out of spite.

The phrase HGH was first used in the 1990’s, by the African-Americans in hip-hop song lyrics. The Right Rhymes, a hip-hop dictionary, traces the term back to the 1991 song “Psycobetabuckdown” by Cypress Hill. Throughout the 90s the term appeared in several songs written by renowned musicians, such as Too $hort, 2Pac, and Sir Mix-A-Lot.

The phrase then re-emerged in the late 2000’s, when a Graphic Designer made an animated GIF of a chubby child strutting, with a thought bubble that reads haters gonna hate, later that year a trend emerged of applying the phrase as a caption on pictures of people on social media.

Meaning of Haters gonna hate:

HGH is an informal way of saying people who don’t like you will always look for reasons to dislike you, no matter how petty that reason may be.

Although, it was originally used by the African-Americans, it’s use has become very common in the mainstream culture. What began as a way of expression has now become a regularly used slang on the internet and social media, used widely by the youth.

Let it be a true hater sharing their impolite opinions on something someone said or a best friend fooling around by using the phrase as a reply to a picture comment, ‘Haters gonna hate’  has now become one of the most frequently used internet slang.

 Online examples of HGH:

Sam: Posts a picture wearing his new purple shirt.
Tully: Comments saying “GAYY!”
Sam: replied saying”HATERS GONNA HATE”

-Tom is walking down the street and passes Jacob
Jacob:Why are you so ugly?
Tom:Haters Gonna Hate. *Keeps on walking*

Savitri: Stops at KFC to buy a burger
Rupa:Hey Fatty!
Savitri:*continues to place the order*
Haters Gonna Hate.

Amal:*walks out of the room with make up on*
Sana: That’s a nice painting on your face Amal
Amal: Haters gonna hate *walks off*

Artists:*makes an amazing portrait of Aara*
Aara: Sorry, but a two year old can make a better portrait of me.
Artist: Haters gonna hate.

Normal person after hearing the exchange of words:  What does Haters gonna hate mean?
Artist:It means that people who don’t like you will always find a way to dislike you with no valid reason.

Examples of HGH used by celebrities in songs:

Taylor Swift: “And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate / Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake / I shake it off, I shake it off”
Amy Kraft:“I was cranky thinking about what I was about to see, Lego. Haters gonna hate, and I’ve been hating the new Lego Friends.”

Who are the people using the slang Haters gonna hate?








The millennials are experiencing the greatest level of hate in the Society today, because of social media. In spite of having a lot of benefits social media can be disadvantageous. Lives today are so open to the world because of the internet, technology and social media, that it causes envy. Envy leads to hatred . The more envious the user is, the more they broadcast hatred and insults whenever they see or read something they don’t agree with. Haters are nothing but a bunch of attention seeker trying really hard to get noticed.

A friend or a hater?

Let’s face it, everyone comes across someone who doesn’t like them for no valid reason at some point in their life. The sad truth of life is that the people closest to you can turn out to be your biggest hater. To make it easier for you to understand who is a genuine friend and who is concealing their true emotions towards you, you need to pay close attention to a few things, like:

-Their motives

-Their body language towards you.

-How they react to the things you tell them(Happy or sad).

-The things they say to you.

-The things they say about you to other people when you’re not around.

-Their behavior with other people.

-How they talk about another person to you.

How to deal with haters?

Hate is a strong emotion. It can have a huge impact on the person dealing with it. It sometimes puts you in a space where you don’t know how to deal with the situation. Know that the haters are malicious and are here to spread negativity.

Here are a few ways to deal with haters:

-Try keeping your lives private.

-Don’t stress about what they say.

-Keep calm

-Don’t get affected.

-Turn a deaf ear.

-Treat what they say as Constructive criticism to better yourself.

-Don’t shy away from sharing your  opinion for their feedback, and most importantly,

-REPORT AND BLOCK THEM, because if haters gonna hate, then potatoes gonna potate.


Habiba Rehman

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