What is the Elara App, and why does it prevent Windows from shutting down?

Some users have reported of an “ApntEX.exe” running in the Task Manager while others have been inquiring about the “Elara App is Preventing Windows from Shutting down” message when they try to turn off their computer. In this article, we will explain the functionality of the application and why it prevents the shutdown.

What is Elara App?

All computer manufacturers use hundreds of small components in their computers that they obtain from hundreds of different small manufacturers. These components are some times commonly used by different manufacturers in their products due to which they are common to a lot of different brands such as HP, Samsung, Dell, etc.

Elara App is used to control one of these components that is associated with the touchpad of a laptop. Therefore, the Elara App is mostly seen in laptops and it comes pre-installed into the computer. This app controls some functionality of the touchpad and is installed in the “Program Files” folder along with the computer’s touchpad driver. The app can be seen inside the task manager under the “ApntEX.exe” guise. It isn’t a standalone driver or software, it might just be a part of the touchpad driver provided by your computer manufacturer.

ApntEX.exe running in the background

Why Does Elara App Prevent Windows from Shutting Down?

Elara App might prevent Windows from shutting down because it is always running in the background if it has been installed on your computer. When Windows shuts down it closes all the processes in the background, however, if a process is deemed sensitive by the operating system it cancels the shutdown process and warns the user of the existence of a sensitive background task.

Can it be Disabled?

According to many user reports, there have been no side effects to killing the task from task manager or even of completely uninstalling the touchpad driver. However, one report does suggest that the user loses the functionality of turning off the touchpad from the “Fn” keys. Therefore, in our opinion, you should kill the task from the task manager and it shouldn’t have any negative impact on the computer.

Touchpad functionality should be retained

Also, you can try to uninstall the touchpad driver in an attempt to get rid of the bloatware and check if the touchpad functionality is retained. The results might differ depending on the manufacturer of the device but even if you do lose functionality, you can easily reinstall the driver by scanning for hardware changes upon which Windows reinstalls the recently uninstalled driver.

How to Temporarily End Elara App Task?

In this step, we will be showing users the easiest method to end the Elara App task from the task manager. This might temper with your touchpad functionality so make sure that you have a mouse as a backup.

  1. Press “Ctrl” + “Shift” +”Esc” buttons simultaneously to open Task Manager.
  2. Click on the “Details” tab to open detailed instructions of the executables running in the background.
    Clicking on the details tab
  3. Click on the “ApntEX.exe” and select “End Task“.
    Clicking on the “End Task” button
  4. This will temporarily close the Elara App and it will no longer prevent the computer from shutting down.

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