What Is ‘AFAIK’ And Where Should It Be Used

‘AFAIK’, a commonly used abbreviation, both in a formal and informal situation. It stands for ‘As Far as I Know’, to reflect that there is a certain confusion or that the perspective that you are about to present is not the ‘only’ perspective or information on the topic under discussion. These are used in text messaging as well as formal email exchanges within or outside the company.

‘AFAIK’ can be used as an alternative to ‘IIRC’ which again shows the same kind of expression. But the words, of course are different. IIRC means ‘If I Recall Correctly’.

So ‘AFAIK’, this is one of the most commonly used abbreviations on the internet world.

Why is Slang Abbreviation Capitalized?

Using the correct grammar, applying the right punctuation and capitalizing the alphabets according to the correct English language is not something that ‘we’, the people who text so often and exchange messages on social networks, take care of.

Writing abbreviations of words that are commonly used in conversations over the internet do not have to be capitalized.

And this is why these acronyms become so popular on the internet because no matter how you write them down,people on the other end will understand the meaning as it is meant to be.

So basically it wouldn’t be a big deal if you write ‘AFAIK’, all in upper case, or ‘afaik’, all in lower case. The meaning, in both circumstances remains the same.

How to Add Emphasis in texting?

Sometimes, when you are messaging, you want to make a point and make emphasis  on certain words. For this purpose, you can capitalize those words. For instance, what I usually do when I am messaging and when I need to make a point more clear, I capitalize them. Like the acronym ‘LOL’ which means ‘Laugh out Loud’

I do write ‘lol’ at times, but when I find something extremely funny, I write ‘LOL’.

Another method that I find extremely helpful in making my message seem focused is to add periods. Not just at the end of the sentence, but if I am using an acronym and I want it to stand out. I will use periods to separate the alphabets.

For example, I was in conversation with my best friend and we sort of had an argument. She made a comment which was supposed  to be  a joke but I didn’t like it. So to show my reaction, that it was not funny, I messaged L.O.L. Now the purpose of this capitalized slang isn’t that I found it funny. But with the full stops in between reflect a sarcastic tone. Like saying ‘ha-ha, so funny.’

The same concepts can be implemented on ‘AFAIK’. For instance, during a conversation with your friend over texts, and you want to tell them that the knowledge you have is somewhat authentic. So you text them ‘AFAIK’, all in capitals, and maybe a period at the end if you want to add a little seriousness to the message.

Now let’s have a look at a few examples of how you can use ‘AFAIK’ as an acronym in your text messages or your emails more efficiently and in the correct manner.

Examples for ‘AFAIK’

Example 1:

Friend 1: Ellen, can you suggest me the best powdered milk in town for Sam? I don’t think the one I am currently using is suiting him.

Ellen: Sure, I’ll ask around my mothers’ circle to let you know. But AFAIK, it is best to give infants  the tinned ones.

In this example, the use of ‘AFAIK’ suggest that Ellen is not sure about her knowledge but would like her friend to know that this is her opinion on powdered milk.

Here is another example for ‘AFAIK’.

Example 2:

Jas: The course I wanted to be part of has closed their registration.

Sara: Which one?

Jas: Academic Writing.

Sara:  AFAIK, they were still running registrations for that course. I saw my classmate standing next to their office today morning.

Jas: What? Are you sure?

Sara: Yes.

AFAIK’ can be used to provide information which you might be uncertain about but, there are chances that what you suggest could be the right information. And it could help Jas, in this case, to get a seat in her favourite course.

Should You use Internet Slang Professionally?

Although ‘AFAIK’ is used in emails as well, but to show a more professional behaviour and to be on the good books of your employers, or clients, you should maintain a very professional manner of conversation. And using acronyms, is the opposite of professionalism ‘AFAIK’.

Here let’s analyse these examples to know which conversation sounds more professional.

Example A:

Email from Boss:

Boss: Did we get the order?

You: AFAIK we are still under negotiations, Sir.

Example B :

Using the same conversation as Example A;

Email from Boss:

Boss: Did we get the order?

You: As far as I know, we are still under negotiations, Sir.

Do you notice the difference? Analyse the examples shared in today’s article to understand better where you can use acronyms like ‘AFAIK’ and where you should not.


Habiba Rehman

Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.