What Is A Syntax Error?

Syntax is the various statements in a computer which are written to create a structure. When a you see the term ‘syntax error’ appear on a screen of your gadget, this means that there is some sort of problem in the code that you have just added.

Definition of Syntax Error

Everything in a computer is designed in a concrete syntax form. If your input does not match that set of syntax, there are high chances of you facing a syntax error. By definition, you can say, that syntax error is a mistake in the input by the user therefore, the computer cannot answer the input question.

Compliance of Program and User Input

According to the programming language, when the syntax as added at the time of programming and the source code, which you have added, do not comply with the programmed format, a syntax error appears.

Coding and Syntax Errors

When a syntax error appears, it in a way helps the programmer to go through their program once again and spot their mistakes in the codes that they have added. Until and unless the source code is in order, in correct spellings and has the correct punctuation, you will not be able to move to the next step of programming.

What Causes Syntax Errors?

A syntax error is usually caused when the user does not add the correct punctuation or the correct code as it should be accurate in programming language. Even if one alphabet from the code is missing, you will be redirected to a syntax error.

It is very important for users to focus on the spelling, as well as the punctuation when adding a command.

Why Should You be Careful About a Syntax Error?

Computer language is very different from other forms of language. A whole program is based on this language. For instance, if you have to create a webpage, and if you have missed out on important spellings and punctuation in the programming, you might not be able to make the webpage work at the other end. To avoid such circumstances, you need to avoid errors in the commands. To keep the program running, or for the program to work properly, you need to avoid syntax errors.

How is Syntax Error Different from Other Coding Errors?

Commonly, there are just two errors which can affect the running of a program. One being syntax error, and the other is Logical Error. While syntax error, as mentioned earlier are the mistake which you can figure out or spot once a syntax error appears. However, a logical error is not that easy to spot. And this is the major difference in a syntax error and other coding errors.

Logical Errors do not get highlighted by the compiler because these are, in fact, in accordance with syntax of computing language. And this is why it is very difficult for the compiler to spot a logical error in their program.

Just because the compiler cannot recognize a logical error which is in accordance with the syntax of computing language, it does not mean that the program will run smoothly. There will be errors, and these are logical errors which are hard for a compiler to highlight.

Can Syntax Errors Be Fixed?

Of course, they can be fixed. You just need to access your program again and recheck the whole program for any punctuation or spelling errors. It does sound a little too much of work, but programming is not an easy job. If you want your program to be perfect and that it should run smoothly, you must keep an eye for such errors and avoid them in the first place.

Types of Common Punctuation and Spelling Errors that You Might Make

  • There is a high chance of you missing out on a semi-colon when writing a code.
  • As the typing speed of people making programs and coding is pretty fast, there are possibilities that they might spell a word incorrectly in completing the coding quickly. For instance, instead of writing const, the programmer writes cost. This might seem like a small mistake, but this will hinder you program to move ahead.
  • You might even forget closing the function by adding a close end bracket. This will also show a syntax error as you have missed the bracket. For example, your command was:
 result= (SecondVal –firstVal/ 3)

But you missed the last bracket and wrote:

result= (SecondVal –firstVal/ 3

This will redirect you to a syntax error since you missed the bracket.

  • Another very common error that users make is spacing. The spacing between one term and the second is very important. Sometimes, the compilers add an extra space in the code which makes a syntax error.
  • Double quotes, an important characteristic of coding is often missed out by many. This again, is a common syntax error which must be focused on.

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