What Does ‘xD’ Stand For?

XD or xD, is a short form of writing LOL. It is mostly used by the teens and young adults who want to express their happiness, or that they found something funny with this shorthand. It is seen on all social media networks and is also used in messaging more commonly.

If you actually write xD, and tilt your head to the left, you will actually see that ‘XD or xD’ looks like a smiley with a wide open smile. The ‘D’ here reflecting the mouth area of the smiley. You can send it to your friends and family, when you want to show that what they said made you laugh or that what they said was funny.

How to Use ‘xD’

There are a number of ways in which you can use ‘xD’ in your conversations on social networks as well as personal text messaging. xD is somewhat, a perfect alternate to writing ‘ha ha’ or ‘LOL’. So when you don’t feel like writing ‘ha ha’ or ‘LOL’ , you can simply write xD. Also, if you wish, you can use both, in writing and the symbol xD in the same message.

Use Upper case or Lower case?

Usually, if you were to ask me this question about other acronyms, I would have been like it doesn’t make a difference whether you write it in uppercase or lowercase. But, for xD, specifically, the ‘D’ must be written in capital. If you write the ‘D’ in lowercase, the feel of the emoticon that we are trying to convey dies. You can see the difference for both right here:

xD and xd, the latter, would make the reader think that these are just two alphabets that you have written and there are high chances that they would think that this was a ‘typo’ i.e. a mistake in typing.

However, if you look at the former, even without tilting your head to the left, you can see that it looks like a smiley which smiles widely showing their teeth. Do you see the difference?

If you are confused, it is okay, don’t worry. When this was new to me, I got confused too. I still remember how I used to analyse messages from friends who had written xD as a text message. It was later that I understood the meaning of ‘xD’. And starting using it gradually in my messages as well.

Examples of xD

There is no restriction in placement of xD. It can be at the beginning of your sentence, at the end, in the middle. And, there is also no restriction of using it along with a phrase or without it. You can use it however you like it. You just need to be sure about the capital ‘D’, the x can be in both upper and lower case.

Example 1

Jay: did you see that?
Gen: Yes I did xD
Jay: Stop smiling, Mrs. Lauren is staring at us.

Here in this example, xD is a simple expression of looking at something that made you and your friend laugh out loud. And as we all know, we don’t always write Laugh out Loud when we actually laugh out loud.

Example 2

Tee: What’s the plan for today?
Was: Nothing. Staying home and chilling.
Faiz: Let’s meet?
Tee: Yes! xD
Was: No!XD!
Faiz: Stop being  a bore Was. We are coming over.
Wax: That’s cool! I didn’t want to get dressed today. YAY! xD

Example 3

Dan: xD
Bee: What?
Dan: xD
Bee: ???
Dan: I got my acceptance letter.
Dan: YES! xD
Bee: Congratulationss and celebrrraations now! xD

Example 4

Palwashay: You cannot be ditching us today bia!
Bia: I don’t have an option. Daddy said we have to go somewhere important.
Palwashay: But we had this plan before.
Bia: Who can go against the ‘Daddy’?
Palwashay: -_-
Bia: Sorry! Don’t be angry.
Palwashay: Don’t talk to me after this.
Bia: Palwashay please!
(after 15 minutes)
Bia: Palwashay?
Palwashay: What! -_-
Bia: I’m coming! ^-^
Palwashay: yay! xD

In this example, you can notice the use of ^-^ and -_-. These are other expressions just like xD. Where, ^-^ shows a happy and content expression when you are satisfied with a decision at heart. And -_- is more of an annoyed expression. Or maybe when you don’t like a decision your friend just made. It is not an angry emoticon, but something more of ‘you are my friend but I don’t like you at the moment’.

Example 5

H: Where is my gift?
Z: what gift?
H: -_-
Z: Just kidding, check the drawer on your left.
(H opens the drawer and finds nothing)
H: There’s nothing there.
Z: I think I forgot to buy your gift xD
H: I hate you -_-
Z: Okay, just kidding again. The gift is in your cupboard. Made your sister keep it there.
(H runs to the cupboard and finds the gift there)
H: I love it! xD
Z: <3

<3 in this example is another emoticon or smiley which you can recreate with alphabets and symbols. It represents a heart here.


Habiba Rehman

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