What Does WYA Mean?

WYA stands for ‘Where You At’. The use of WYA is mostly seen on social networks and in text messages. Teenagers and young adults often use this acronym to ask their friends and family where they are. Where you at basically is to ask someone where they are, as in, their current location. For instance, whether they are home, or out, or in office.

You can use the acronym easily over text messages. You don’t have to be sure about the capitalization of all the characters of WYA. You can write it all in lower case as well. It will not change the purpose or the meaning of the acronym.

How To Use WYA?

My trick to typing a message using an acronym accurately is by saying the sentence out loud as if the person I am about to message is in front of me. You must be wondering what will the people around you think of you if you’re seen talking to yourself or the air in this case. Well, I never said you have to be loud when checking your sentence structure. You can say it under your breath.

When To Use WYA?

You, and the person you want to know the ‘whereabouts’ for, is when you can appropriately use the acronym WYA. From the trends that I have witnessed, and how people around me use it, is to know where the other person is while they are either approaching that place or are away from that place.Read the examples below to understand this.

Examples of WYA

Example 1

Situation: You just entered your university and you don’t know where your best friend is.But thanks to mobile phones, you can now send a simple message and know where they are. You message your best friend.

You: WYA?
Best Friend: home, why?
You: WHAT! Why are you home? Are you not attending the class today?
Best friend: I was suppose to… but…
You: WDYM you were suppose to?
(The best friend goes back to sleep without replying)
You: I hate you!

In this example, you can see another  acronym, WDYM which stands for ‘What do you mean’.

Example 2

H: I am coming home, WYA?
G: I am heading out for dinner with my wife. Why?
H: I needed the files for tomorrows presentation.
G: Oh I am so sorry, I forgot you had told me earlier. This was a sudden dinner plan. You’ll be up by 12 tonight?
I’ll drop it off at your place tonight.
H: No problem! Yeah do that if possible. I wanted to skim through the details over the weekend.
G:Sure I will!
H: Thanks!

Example 3

Situation: You have your exam in 15 minutes. And you dropped your calculator somewhere on the way to college. Now you have a few close friends whom you can message and borrow a calculator from. So you message all of them separately a ‘WYA’. Because you are low on time, you cannot call all of the to confirm, so sending them a quick short acronym, will help you save time, and might as well get you a calculator for your exam.

Example 4

Henry: Hey, what’s up?
Jill: Nothing, working on my project. Stuck at this one stupid equation. Do you think you can help?
Henry: WYA?
Jill: I am at the cafe.
Henry: SBW building?
Jill: no the one behind it.
Henry: Okay, I’m coming.
Jill: But WYA?
Henry: I just left college from bus. I’m coming back now.
Jill: You didn’t have to.
Henry: It’s okay!

Example 5

WYA is another way of asking where are you? So all the places where you can use the phrase where are you?, you can also swap the phrase with WYA. Both these phrases mean the same and will be perfect substitutes for each other. I will use the phrase where are you in the following example and show you how you can replace it with wya.

John: I am in the parking lot, where are you?
The same sentence can be rephrased as the following:
John: I am in the parking lot, WYA?

Similarly, you can use WYA in the following ways as well,

Best friend: I need to talk to you right now, where are you?
Best friend: I need to talk to you right now, wya?

OD: Where the hell are you? I have been waiting for you since so long. -_-
OD: WYA? I have been waiting for you since so long.-_-

Helen: I am ready, where are you? Are you here yet?
Helen: I am ready, wya? Are you here yet?

Wife: Love, are you on your way? Or in office? I need to go to Target for a few things. Do you think we can go tonight?
Wife: Love, WYA? I need to go to Target for a few things. Do you think we can go tonight?


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