What Does WRT Stand For?

WRT is an abbreviation for ‘With Respect To’. It is not only internet slang, but is often used even when writing papers. People usually use this as a reference to something they have already mentioned earlier. It is also used on social media networks where people might comment using the acronym WRT.

I remember when I was in college, my teachers often commented on my paper with a ‘W.R.T’. You can either write the abbreviation as WRT, or separate them by periods, w.r.t. The meaning in both ways, remains the same.

How can you use WRT in a conversation?

Use WRT in a conversation when you want to add an information related or in reference to something important about the topic under discussion. For example, when talking about inflation, you can say ‘WRT the current economic situation of our country, inflation cannot be controlled.’

Can you WRT in a casual conversation?

From what I have seen, and from what I have experienced, WRT is an acronym which can be used in both, formal and informal setting. However, it is important that you use it in the right meaning. Using it somewhere where WRT does not fit appropriately might put you in a very awkward situation.

How to Use WRT Appropriately

Let’s look at a few examples of how you can use WRT in a formal or an informal conversation appropriately.

Example 1

Jay: I don’t think they will be showing up for the meeting.

Dan: Are you talking WRT to their comments about the budget?

Jay: Yes, of course, they will not agree to pay more for this project and we cannot take any less.

In this example, two people are talking about a client. And the use of WRT here gives us an idea of how we can use it when talking to partners in business, employees or your boss. You can even use WRT when talking to your client. Look at the next example to learn how.

Example 2

Company: So how did you like the presentation?

Client: It was great. But WRT to slide number 3, you have mentioned a clause which says the customers will be given an upper hand. Can you please explain that a bit more so that we have a better idea about our customer market?

Similarly, you can even use WRT when talking to friends of family. Example number 3 will briefly explain how you can do that.

Example 3

Friend 1: I don’t agree with you. You cannot leave your college because you can’t manage your job and education simultaneously.

Friend 2: You won’t understand.

Friend 1: I do. WRT what you said about your current financial situation, you cannot leave your job, and I understand that. But you can manage college side by side. You will earn better when you have degree in hand.

Friend 2: Forget it.

Example 4

You can even use WRT when responding to someone’s message which was sent sometime back or an advertisement which was posted a few days ago.

‘WRT your last message, can you please give more details about the job vacancy?’

Example 5

‘’WRT what you said yesterday about health care, I think I might just start a better diet. I know the one I am currently following isn’t healthy at all, but let’s see what options we have.”

This is a good example of a very casual conversation with your friend or family. The difference in tone, when using acronyms in a formal or an informal set up is quite visible.

Example 6

Friend 1: I feel like this colour is better. But maybe this won’t suit him that much.

Friend 2: WRT the combination which you and I discussed last week, this colour goes with it perfectly. Although it is up to you now since you’re the one buying him a gift.

People use WRT in both types of conversations.

Misconceptions about using WRT only in formal ones

People are of the opinion that WRT can only be used when having a formal conversation like the ones in an office setting or a conversation with your boss or clients.

But to be honest, it is an abbreviation that can be used everywhere. I use it when I am in conversation with my friends. But yes, the theme of the topic mostly is somewhat more of a debate than a casual conversation. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot use it in casual conversation. Use it if you feel like it fits there perfectly and it makes sense.

Other Abbreviations like WRT

If you feel like WRT is not fitting in the sentence you are trying to write, you can use IMHO instead. IMHO means ‘In My Humble Opinion’.

Other alternatives for WRT include OTOH which stands for ‘On the Other Hand’ and YMMV which means ‘Your Mileage May Vary’.


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