What Does WDYM Stand For?

WDYM, stands for ‘What Do You Mean?’.Used popularly on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. The acronym WDYM, is also used in text messaging. Everyone who is aware of this internet jargon, and all the people belonging to the age group of teens, or young adults, use this acronym often.

When someone says something which is not clear or has a meaning which you want them to explain in detail, you can use WDYM in such a situation. For example, if someone asks you, randomly that ‘did you stop eating?’ to this random question, your response could be a WDYM. Where you are asking that person that what do they mean when they say have I stopped eating.

WYM and WDYM Are The Same or Different?

WYM, which stands for ‘what you mean’ and WDYM stands for ‘what do you mean’. Both these acronyms are somewhat the same. With a slight difference of the alphabet’ in it. Another difference between the two acronyms is that ‘WYM’ is mostly used in a different tone. While WDYM, is the actual and full form of the phrase ‘What Do You Mean’.However, you can use both these acronyms as perfect alternates for each other.

Write It The Way You Like It

What you write, and how you write is, is your creativity. And since it is slang, there are no grammar rules here. You can write WDYM in upper case, or in lower case like wdym. The meaning for both the terms will remain the same. If you want to add more emphasis to the words, you can even add periods after each alphabet like W.D.Y.M.

Why Use WDYM and Not Its Full Form?

Using the internet means, typing for most of the part. And there are many people out there who like doing things quickly. Acronyms are for those people who don’t like writing the whole sentence again and again. So they make abbreviations for a phrase and use that abbreviation the next time that they need to use that phrase instead of writing the whole sentence.

Examples To Help You Use WDYM Accurately

Example 1

When we say the phrase ‘what do you mean’ orally, and when we write the phrase, the sentence will remain the same. You just have to replace the phrase in the same sentence with the acronym WDYM when text messaging. Look at this example to see how you can do that.

(The following is an oral conversation between Dee and Jen)

Dee: I am selling the car.
Jen: What do you mean?
Dee: I mean I am selling the car, simple.

The same conversation can be done on texting while using WDYM.

Dee: I am selling the car.
Jen: WDYM?
Dee: I mean I am selling the car, simple.

Is it clear? If not, read the next examples to understand the usage better.

Example 2

G: I am going.
Y: Where?
G: I don’t know.
Y: WDYM you don’t know? How can you not know where you are heading?
G: I guess when you don’t want to be anywhere, that is when you don’t know where you are heading to…

Example 3

Wes: You know you can’t always have what you want.
Jane: WDYM?
Wes: You can’t always be right. You can’t always blame me for all the problems in our life. You can’t always tell me that I am the one who needs to change. Sometimes it is we who need to change.
Jane: What is wrong with you? WDYM? Do I need to change?
Wes: I feel we both need to change. We have been married for 3 years now, and all we have done is fight.
Jane: That is because you don’t listen to me.
Wes: Exactly what I meant when I said we can’t have everything that we want.

Example 4

In this example, I am going to write the abbreviation in the bracket to show how you can replace the phrase with the acronym.

Ian: Do you think we should be doing this?
Ethan: What do you mean(wdym)? Homework?
Ian: No, studying, assignments. Taking the stress of things which won’t even matter in the future years.
Ethan: What do you mean(wdym) they won’t matter in the future years? If you study now and give your 100% in college, that is what will matter in the future. This is what will determine your career in the future. If you have to do a job that is. And for a business, you neither have an idea, nor you have the investment. So for now, just focus on the present. THIS is important for our future.
Ian: Who said I don’t have investments?
Ethan: What do you mean(wdym) you have investments, do you have an idea? That should be the first question.
Ian: Not yet, but I know people who would be willing to invest.


Habiba Rehman

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